Make your New Years Goals a Reality not a Future Plan

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Alright, so you’re probably all thinking, your healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits will start January 1st.  Which means your next thought is how many pieces of cake can I shove in my mouth in the final few hours of 2015? Or perhaps you’ll have one more cigarette before you throw the box all away.

But one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years is that if you can’t see yourself making the change in that moment, then you probably won’t stick with it in the future.  It’s easy to make plans and resolutions, and I do think that on some level it’s a good idea because it forces you to keep working towards bettering yourself, but don’t forget to ask yourself, why not right now?! Why don’t I end 2015 the way I want to start 2016?

Here’s to making all your dreams a reality this year! Happy New Year!


J. Molly






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