Layer Me


Visiting the East Coast in the middle of winter reminds you of one thing: the importance of layering your clothes! I like to put a black sweater over my black dresses to make them look like sweater dresses!  Then, when I’m dancing my butt off on the dance floor (like last Saturday night!), I can take the sweater off and heat up the stage with the backless black dress underneath!  So how do you prevent yourself from feeling like a big padded marshmellow when you have on all your layers?  Don’t wear white. Just kidding, the marshmellow feeling isn’t all that bad when you’re outside and it’s freezing!

After being in 12F degree weather, I can’t wait to get back to the West Coast in a few days!  I’m ready to shed the winter coats, the gloves, the sweaters, and the scarves!


J. Molly

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