Outfit of the Day: A Dash of Pink



Let me start off by saying I’m not a huge fan of maxi skirts…I prefer short skirts.  But when it’s cold out, sometimes a maxi skirt seems much more appealing!  I like this one because it’s hot pink!  If you’re wondering why the skirt looks a little weird in these pics, it’s because it was friggin cold and windy that day!  On windy days, maxi skirts sometimes end up looking like weird harem pants! The pink helps make a miserable weather day, more bright and cheery!
The sweater is one of my favorites!  I love that plunging v-necklines are still in style! Just take a look at all the red carpet looks from any of the recent award shows! It looks like plunging necklines are here to stay for at least the next little while!

J. Molly

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