How to Stop yourself from Buying Something you’ll Never Wear


Ever regret a clothing purchase?  Sometimes I stare at my closet wondering how some of the items ever got in it!  Remember those partly sheer leopard print pants that you thought were so cool you just had to have them?  Now you look in your closet unable to fathom how you could have ever liked them?

Start by asking yourself a series of questions.

  1. Out of everything currently in my closet, what would I wear with it?
  2. So you think you’ll be courageous enough to sport a hot pink, open back dress to the party? Put yourself at the party.  What are others wearing? Put yourself in your closet just hours before the event, what are your options?  Does that dress still seem viable?
  3. Not sure about the item in question? Walk away.  Don’t worry you can always go back.  Hours later ask yourself, do I still want the item?  Wait til the next day, then ask yourself again, do I still want that item? Like with men, the one you can’t stop thinking about, is probably the one you should be pursuing.  If you can’t stop thinking about the clothing item, go back and get it!
  4. How long will the item last?  Is it cheap? Will it ball up or tear? Is the item seasonal or can it be worn all year around?
  5. Do I already own something that’s very similar to the item?
  6. Is there something I want more?  In the moment, a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes may sweep us off our feet, but we’re suddenly brought back to earth when we find something we love even more.  Explore your options, look around and see if you can find anything that tops that item.

IMG_019511At some point, you have to make the final decision.  Do I want this {insert wild and crazy wardrobe piece here}? Hopefully these questions will help you avoid those moments of regret after buying something that you now can’t stand.


J. Molly

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