Melissa McCarthy Not going to be in Gilmore Girls Revival!

I literally have to hold me breath every time I read a Gilmore Girls update.  The only thing scarier than wishing for your dream to come true (Gilmore Girls Revival), is waiting to see if it will be everything I imagined it to be!

Today I read that Melissa McCarthy was not asked to be in the revival! Ah!! And then I read that it was just a miscommunication, and they would love her to be in the revival; they just assumed that she was too busy!

Honestly, Gilmore Girls without Sookie just doesn’t seem like Gilmore Girls. What do you think? Sources say she could maybe do a cameo…and sure that would help…but Lorelai just isn’t Lorelai if she doesn’t have her pigtail-wearing chef best friend force-feeding her kebobs. Am I right?

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