How to Make your Super Bowl Party Fun When you Don’t like Football

Going to a Super Bowl party but couldn’t care less about the actual game?  You’re not alone! Here are a few ways you can keep yourself occupied, have a great time, and enjoy the party!

Rely on the excitement of others to help promote your own enthusiasm.  Sometimes it’s not about the activity, it’s about the overall atmosphere.  It’s like when you’re at a club dancing and someone gets super excited when a song they love comes on, and you find yourself feeling that excitement too…even if you’ve never heard the song.


Drink. Knock ’em back my friend.  The more the merrier.  Alcoholic beverages have a miraculous ability to turn a non-fan into a temporary die-hard fan! Just wait, you’ll see!


If you’re still not liking the game, at least you can look forward to the cool commercials. I’m most excited for the Hotline Bling one! If you’re going to pay millions of dollars for 30 seconds of air time, you better make it good right?

And lastly, if you can’t enjoy the game, you can at least look good while you cheer on the team you decided to support two minutes before the game started.

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J. Molly

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