5 Product Ideas that will Make you Laugh

Need a good heart-warming chuckle to brighten up your long weekend Monday? Here are some product inventions that are maybe a touch clever (in a very weird way), wildly crazy, and most definitely unconventional.

  1. Umbrella Shoes: As a total advocate for protecting our shoes in every way we can, this invention maybe took it a little bit too far.  I admire the attempt, but this is just a little too weird.
Photo Courtesy of Next Shark

Photo Courtesy of Next Shark

2. Smittens: When you’re so smitten with your significant other and you live on the East Coast, you don’t have to decide between holding hands and keeping warm.

Courtesy of Trend Hunter and Oddity Mall

Courtesy of Trend Hunter


Courtesy of Oddity Mall

3. Ramen Hair Protector: I dare anyone to wear this on a date.  If it’s a Tinder date, you’re even more golden.


Photo Courtesy of Steph’s Stuff/Ramen Hair Protector

4. Ostrich Pillow: If only I had known about this when I was in college.  For all you students who have fallen asleep in the library, sitting at a desk, perhaps this product could help you…provided you don’t mind looking a tad silly.

Courtesy of Overstock.com

Courtesy of Overstock.com


5. Baby mop: Is this considered baby labor? Let me just try to understand the thought process that probably went into this.  “Babies crawl on the floor anyways, why not make that crawling useful?” or “It’s never too early to teach your kids to do chores?”

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Happy Long Weekend!


J. Molly






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