Trip to Newport Beach: Black Bikini, Sun, and Mimosas


Some say home is where your family is.  Some say home is where you grew up.  Some say home is where you currently live.  I say home is where you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that starts in your heart and spreads through your entire body.  For me, that’s Newport Beach.  It’s beautiful, serene, calm, eventful, fun, and relaxing. This year’s vacation was round two in Newport!

A black bikini, vintage square black sunglasses, sun, palm trees, mimosas, and the immensity of the Pacific Ocean, are all you need for a great vacation!

This is how we roll…no such thing as too many mimosas at Mutt Lynch’s. One of these mimosas is 32oz. They may not be bottomless, but the size of the glass surely gives the illusion that they are!


I think I took too many pictures of palm trees. #westcoastobsession



J. Molly


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