Keep your Look Cute, Even in the Rain!

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Are rainy days getting you down? The thought of dressing up for a Saturday night out on the town when the rain is pouring down harder than the Niagara Falls, putting on that little black dress and high heels may seem less than appealing.  But a rainy day doesn’t have to destroy your style.  When in doubt, go with pink! A pink raincoat and a pink umbrella will keep your look fresh no matter how many puddles you have to stomp through.

If a dress isn’t in your forecast, try wearing a pair of black skinny ripped jeans.  They’ll look chic, edgy, and keep your legs warm in the cold.  Take the attention away from the rain by wearing a pair of shiny silver rain boots.

If you’re an optimist like me, dress the way you want, and then when you’re cold, think about how it could be worse.  Growing up with snow taught me to appreciate any other kind of weather that is not snow! So when it’s raining and you’re kind of cold because you wore a tank top with a light sweater instead of a coat, just think about how much colder you would be if it were snowing outside!

Just remember, your best looks will come from meshing style and comfort with confidence. When you’re standing outside slightly cold in the rain, just remember how hot you look.



J. Molly

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