Add a Little Pink to your Spring Wardrobe


When the sun’s shining and you’re heading to the beach, there’s only one thing that should be on your mind: your outfit!  My go-to beach look, is a black bikini with pink accessories.  I mixed things up a bit with a sporty pink Newport Beach top and a sporty NY baseball cap.  This Spring I’m all over huge shades!  You know those large vintage square ones you teased your grandma about wearing in her day?  Well, it’s time to ask to borrow them, because the bigger the frame, the better! All you need now are your sparkly flip-flops, the ones that blind you when the sun beats off the sparkles, and your pink handbag (or beach bag if you need something big to carry your towel!).  Oh, and don’t forget the mimosas…


IMG_0439 IMG_0440IMG_0441


J. Molly

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