The Hairdryer you’ve got to See to Believe!

Ask any woman with long locks to explain their hair drying issues.  Many days I’ll spend twenty minutes drying my hair, only to discover that it’s still not completely dry.

Next time your grumbling, willing your arm not to hurt and your hair to be dry, check out the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.  It should restore your faith.

Dyson, known for their vacuums, have come out with a quieter Supersonic hair dryer that is suppose to not only work faster, but also dry your hair without risk of damaging it. Starting at $399.99, will people be willing to splurge?

Courtesy of Refinery 29

Courtesy of Refinery 29

Check it out for yourself! Refinery 29 has the details!


J. Molly



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