Let your Socks do all the Talking

It’s probably clear from my previous posts that high heel shoes play a big part in my world. Between the wonders they do for my posture, and the style they add to my ensembles, they’ve been a true valued asset to me.  But today I’m digging deeper and taking a closer look at what’s under the shoes…the socks.

While I have a weird tendency to never wear matching socks…yes there have been some awkward moments when I unexpectedly had to take my shoes off and reveal my un-color-co-ordinated socks, but hey YOLO right?

Today my socks are pretty, fun, and a little wild, just the way I like ’em, and I got them all from Chrissy’s Knee High Socks.khs-logo-striped-750

I let my nerdy side get the best of me when I wear these funky atomic neutron socks.


And then I got a little preppier and nostalgic for my non-cheerleader days with these white and pink striped knee high socks.  For a casual sporty look, you could pair them with jeans shorts.  For a dressier, party look pair them with a flared skirt.


In only two months from now, the July 4th holiday will have everyone pulling out their most patriotic apparel.  These American flag socks would surely grab some attention at your July 4th celebration!


Last but not least, my favorite…the ones that brought out the little kid in me and made me smile like a little girl: the donut socks.  You know what they say, if you can’t eat ’em, wear ’em.  Okay, maybe they don’t actually say that, but it sounds like pretty sage advice.  And so that’s exactly what I did.


It was pretty hard to narrow it down to my four favorites.  Imagine knee high socks covered in moustaches…or shark fins, or polka dots, or paw prints…or…you should really just check it out for yourself: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks.  


J. Molly


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