Improve your Workout Look with 3 Simple Steps


Working out is way more fun when you’re looking good doing it.  That being said, trust me there are many days when I don’t care what top or shorts I’m wearing, I just want to sweat it out!  Other days, I want to feel good AND look good!

My three go-to tips:

  1. Straighten your hair before putting it into a pony tail.  A straight, silky line of hair swooshing around looks way better than the “I just woke up and this is how my bed-head looks in a ponytail” kind of look.
  2. Bootie shorts.  Enough said.
  3. Fitted top with a cool neckline.  Normally, I’m a t-shirt gal all the way.  An exercise top with an old tee thrown overtop and I’m ready to go!  But if you want to brighten up your look just a bit, pick a more stylish sleeveless top!

And there you go queen of the treadmill or master of the hills, your workout just got a lot more stylish!


J. Molly

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