What to Wear when you’re Crashing a Wedding Taylor Swift Style

No one can crash a wedding like Taylor Swift.  While you may not be a celebrity, your appearance at a wedding you’re not invited too is crucial.

Taylor Swift crashes a wedding and everyone loves it.  You crash it, you’re goal should be to blend in.

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First, don’t wear white, of course.  You’ll have people who don’t even know you, hating you. Throw in some color: something feminine.

Second, opt for something floral.  Floral dresses are a go-to for summer wedding guests.  You’ll fit in perfectly, and depending on your dress, maybe even walk away with a few compliments!

Third, dress up.  Look like you belong at a celebratory event by wearing some of your fav jewels! A few pretty rings or a pair of chandelier earrings will do the trick!

Fourth, wear your dancing high heel sandals.  Make sure they’re strappy and will hold your feet in place on the dance floor.


J. Molly

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