Balance the Classy with the Edgy in all your Summer Looks

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Another way I like to make my predominantly feminine wardrobe a bit edgier, is with a stack of silver rings!  Just because you’re wearing pink lipstick, pink shoes, a pink skirt, and pink shades, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with a black chocker or a some chunky rings and black nail polish.

Have you ever had a combined party: two people celebrating their birthdays for example? I love to do the same thing with my outfits: wrap two parties into one.   It might be an all classy and girly cocktail party at first glance, but then when you take a closer look you see that there’s a whole other party happening, and it usually involves an oversized watch, too many silver jewels, and dark nail polish.  So go ahead, experiment; find the perfect match between your sexy and sweet, and your edgy daredevil.


J. Molly


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