This is what your Little Black Dress Needs!


Many of you can probably see that I definitely like my little black dresses. I blog about them all the time, and I’m constantly upgrading to the new and exciting styles. Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. But when you’re heading to a party or a bar and you don’t know exactly how fancy/casual it is, there can be a sense of hesitation about wearing a black dress. Will it be too fancy? Will everyone be in jeans?…BUT I really want to wear a black dress! If you’ve ever faced this situation (I know I have!), here’s how you can solve it!

Little black dress says, “fancy.”

A plaid button-down shirt says, “ultra casual, this is my boyfriend’s shirt that I just threw on.”

So, combine the two (wear the plaid shirt un-buttoned over the black dress) and you’ve got “I’m a lady that likes dressing up, but tonight I just want to be chill, comfy, and effortlessly sexy” a.k.a you’ve got perfection!

I apologize for making my outfits talk, but if you think of each outfit as it’s own personality, it’s really rather effective and fun!


J. Molly

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