It’s Been 15 Years Since Elle Woods Made her Sparkly Debut

15 years ago I learned to embrace my love for the color pink.  After all, if Elle Woods can be taken seriously dressed in a hot pink suit and sparkly pink high heels, than why can’t we all right?


I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since Legally Blonde was released.  Although I pride myself in being original, I won’t deny the fact that Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods is one of my all time fav fashionable movie icons that I’ve admired since I was young.  That movie reminded me that you can never have too many sparkles, never wear too much pink, and people should never judge someone based on their appearance!

Lets celebrate the 15 year anniversary by shopping for these pink must-haves!  I definitely think Elle Woods would approve!  Afterall, “whoever said orange was the new pink, was seriously disturbed!” ~Elle Woods


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J. Molly

Mara Hoffman Off-the-Shoulder Striped Crinkled-Voile Playsuit • Mara Hoffman • $236
Prada Saffiano Lux Micro Tote Bag w/Shoulder Strap, Pink (Begonia) • Prada • $1,290
Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Patent Leather Ballet Flats • Salvatore Ferragamo • $158–525
La Bohème Rose Gold White/Pink • Cluse • $74.99
Layne Ruched Sheath Dress • Diane von Furstenberg • $184
Gucci Soho Leather Shoulder Bag • Gucci • $495–1,650
Ray-Ban Mirrored Flash Aviator Sunglasses • Ray-Ban • $165

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