Unflattering Fashion Trends we Shouldn’t Stand for Any Longer

Women spend hours at the gym, in front of the mirror applying makeup, reading magazines to learn how to care for our skin, and eating healthy all to keep ourselves looking great and feeling great.  So why, after all this hard work, would we wear something that detracts from all that we’ve got!

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These fashion trends are some of the worst culprits:



A.k.a onesies we can wear in public.  I’d be a lot poorer if half the onesies, I mean rompers, out there were actually dresses.  Ever been shopping through the racks when you come across a piece so pretty and cute, only to soon realize that they’ve got shorts instead of a skirt? I sure have, and it’s like spotting a hot guy at a bar only to see his girlfriend approach seconds later.  Not fun.



Harem pants

A.k.a the pants that give the illusion you have no butt. Sexy right? Nah. You’ve seen them before; they have miles of extra material that hangs past your butt and crotch.  They might feel like comfortable pieces of heaven, but they certainly don’t do anything for your figure…except awkwardly deform it! Pass!

Handbags that Look like Food

McDonald’s fries are wonderful, but do I really want my handbag shaped like them? Not really. Watermelon, quesadillas, pizza, they’re all wonderful too, but I prefer eating them not wearing them.  Who’s with me?

Weird Ruffles

Alright, not all ruffles are bad.  They can actually be quite flirty, feminine, and fun.  I’m referring to those unflattering ruffles we see primarily on tank tops.  The ones that make it look like we’ve got something to hide around our tummy region.  The ones that add ten pounds by protruding outwards around our stomach area at awkward times.  I’m all for flowy tops, especially at night after devouring pizza and beer with friends.  Sure, it’s not a crime to cover up your food baby with a forgiving top. But ruffles? Ruffles give you more in the stomach area, not less.

One-Shoulder Tops/Dresses

Did we jump back to the caveman days? That harsh diagonal line, front and center on our chest is like a giant distraction taking away from the natural feminine curves of our bust and collar bones.  I’ll skip the caveman club and leopard print rags that should go along with the one-shoulder trend.  Every once in a while you may find an exception to this rule, but generally, there are much prettier necklines out there!

Be kind to yourself and skip the trends that don’t show off your beauty.


J. Molly

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