Time for Some Nordstrom Baggage Therapy

Nordstrom to the rescue…get everything you want from Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale while it lasts.  We’ve ll got baggage; why not make it the hot and trendy kind!

There are three main occasions you want to consider.

  1. Roadtrips – After all, it is summer: the time to gas up your rental car, gather your friends, and drive down the coast with nothing by your hottest glasses, your new summer dresses, and road snacks.  A mid-size girly backpack like this pink Rebecca Minkoff one is adorable and practical for optimum storage, whether you’re stuffing it full of your fave summer reads or your essentials for the beach.
  2. Evenings – No excuses ladies, with the warm summer evenings upon us, there’s no need to bring huge handbags to stuff your winter gloves.  A light pink clutch is the perfect investment for all your summer night outings.
Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff



Ted Baker

Ted Baker







Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff









3. Days – For all your day time adventures, whether you’re going to work or living the more carefree lifestyle, a medium size shoulder bag is the way you want to go.  Leave your black purses in your closet until winter and step out into the sun with a fancy color like baby blue or maroon!

Get these four Nordstrom purses before the sale ends on August 8th!


J. Molly


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