Which Gilmore Girls Character are You?

Here’s how this works.  Answer these ten simple questions as accurately as possible to figure out which Gilmore Girls character is your personality doppelganger.  The weird, quirky characters of Stars Hollow have some weird habits, but don’t we all?  Each time you answer a) you get 1 point, b) is 2 points, c) is 3 points, d) is 4 points, e) is 5 points, and f) is 6 points.  Add up your points to figure out your final score.  Enjoy!

  1. Which food do you prefer?

a) pancakes

b) licorice

c) cereal

d) melba toast

e) salmon puffs

f) turkey with a pancetta chestnut stuffing

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2. Which best describes your typical style of dating?

a) I hate dating

b) you have to date a lot of people in order to find the right one

c) screw dinner dates, let’s jump right to the sex and just save the calories (Tinder’s your best friend)

d) no sex til marriage

e) a lady mustn’t be overeager; the guy should ask me out and take me to a nice, respectable restaurant

f) I fell in love with one person, and I can’t wait to spend my life with him

3. Which of the following music do you prefer?

a) The Go Go’s

b) anything by Madonna

c) anything I can dance to

d) The Jam

e) anything Classical

f) anything sad and depressing

4. Which of the following best describes your sense of style?

a) I want to be comfortable and put together.  Respectable, but not overly flashy.

b) Anything with glitter, furry, pink, or sparkly.

c) pant suits all the way

d) rock n roll t-shirts and ripped jeans

e) dresses, women’s skirt suits, elegant beading, rich colors, and conservative silhouettes

f) pigtails and patterns

5. Which of the following best describes your Friday night?

a) dinner then netflix and chill with all the candy, popcorn, and pizza you can eat

b) just dinner with the fam jam

c) watching C-span, doing work until the wee hours of the morning, and taking the occasional break to do some crafts

d) rocking out with your band, or just listening to music wishing you were in a band

e) happy hour, dinner, after dinner drinks, read a book, then go to bed

f) in the kitchen making dinner for my friends or family

6. Friends describe you as:

a) smart

b) ball of energy

c) intense

d) fun and edgy

e) sophisticated and old fashion

f) talented, yet a little quirky

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7. Which of the following drinks do you prefer?

a) tequila slammer

b) gin martini with a twist

c) I have no time to drink

d) beer

e) white wine

f) whichever wine pairs best with my dinner

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.14.55 PM

8. Your dessert/junk food of choice is:

a) sugar cereal or pop tarts

b) chocolate covered marshmallows

c) salt and vinegar chips

d) chocolate bar

e) creme brulee

f) chocolate cake

9.  Your dream career or current career is:

a) a writer/journalist

b) hopsitality

c) doctor

d) musician/performer

e) stay at home mom/wife

f) chef/baker/party planner

10.  On a Saturday during the day, people can find you:

a) doing homework

b) at work

c) volunteering

d) playing in a band/rocking out to your favorite music with friends

e) brunching with the ladies

f) cooking/baking

(10-16 pts) = HELLO Rory!, (16 – 20 pts) = Sup Lorelai?(21 – 30 pts) = Paris!, 

(31-40 pts) = you rock Lane!, (41-50 pts) = sophisticated Emily!(51-60 pts) = quirky Sookie!

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