Summer Date Outfit Idea Based on the Psychology of Colors

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Bracelet: Michael Kors at Shopbop, Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes:, Handbag:, Top: Etsy, Jeans:

I recently went to a wear all-white party and it reminded me how much fun it can be to dress in pure, soft tones, whether it’s all white or even soft feminine hues like pink or cream.  Many studies will show that color has a real affect on our moods.  Pink for example, is normally connected to love and romance, being that it is a softer shade of red.  Other words often attributed with pink are softness, kindness, femininity, and apparently compassion as well.

I just learned however, that pink is also usually thought to provide a calming effect.  Maybe that’s why it’s the perfect color to wear on a date? You’ll not only calm yourself, but command peacefulness all around you? Hopefully? Maybe?

The one downside of pink, is it’s common attribution to childness.  When someone says pink, an image of a young girl in a pink dress with pigtails and pink bows may come to mind, but this is a wildly one-sided view.  Pink can be very sophisticated and mature.  It’s all about how you use it. Check out the outfit featured above.  Light pink skinny jeans are a lovely way to add a touch of soft color to a sophisticated yet casual look.  When paired with cream and gold, maybe even some rose gold, you’ll end up with nothing less than perfection.

White has many obvious implications.  For example, wedding dresses represent purity and innocence, but there are many other meanings associated with white.  White can be a new beginning, a fresh start, and even simplicity.  The color white is often used to make rooms seem larger.  White backgrounds are used to enhance appearances in pictures.

If simplicity, softness, and kindness are all qualities that sound pleasing to you, perhaps it’s time to see what effects you gain from incorporating some pink and white into your wardrobe.


J. Molly


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