5 Reasons Nick Viall was the Best Choice to be the Next Bachelor

FINALLY!  Producers of the Bachelor made one extremely right move making Nick Viall our next bachelor.  The past few seasons some of us have somewhat questioned their decisions when it came to choosing our next bachelor or bachelorette.  After Emily Maynard’s season in 2012, I couldn’t stand it when Arie was not chosen to be the next bachelor.  Since then, many of the guys just seemed to blend into a haze of hot, athletic, sexy, tall, dark and handsome young men. And then there was Nick.  The guy I watched get his heart broken in front of millions of viewers on National television not once, but twice!!  The guy who fell in love with Andi, then fell in love Kaitlyn, then was rejected by them both at the last possible minute.

Here’s a list of why Nick Viall was the best choice to capture America’s hearts in his journey to find “the one”:

  1. Obviously, the one main reason is the fact that he was the runner-up on the bachelorette…twice! He was rejected by Andi, then he courageously jumped into Kaitlyn’s season where he even ended up picking out a ring! In one moment he thought he was proposing, in the next moment he realized he wasn’t going to get that chance.

2. He bravely put his heart out there searching for love.  How many of us shy away from this because we’re scared?!  He not only didn’t shy away, he did it with cameras rolling, catching every moment of it!  We commend you, man!

3. On this past season of Bachelor in Paradise, his occupation was noted as, “runner-up.”  The poor guy’s identity has been boiled down to extremely hurtful moments in his life: public rejection.

4. Even when people tried to convince us that he was the villain, many of us didn’t believe it!  He was always very open and honest with his intentions.

5. He’s not just another pretty face; he’s funny and passionate.  And ok, his body is off the charts! Just check out his arms and his abs.

Courtesy of US Magazine

Courtesy of US Magazine, Credit: Gloss Photography Studios by Jaci Ruben

It’s time for Nick’s tagline not to read, “runner-up” but instead, “happily married.”


J. Molly

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