5 Ways to Combat the Post-Vacation Blues


There’s only a few times a year when Tuesdays are dreaded more than Mondays, and that is after long weekends!  Our bodies are used to the weekly Friday night to Sunday night leisure, but when we add in an extra day of fun, we’re thrown for a loop.

There are several ways people can buffer the transition from fun to work with minimal “post-vacation blues.”  It starts with being mindful and transitioning slowly.

  1. Pick out a great back to work outfit.  Something that covers your awkward tan lines, but something colorful to show that you’re not letting the impending cold Fall weather get to you!
    Moda Operandi

    Moda Operandi

    Theory at Net-a-Porter

    Theory at Net-a-Porter









2. Drink lots of water in the morning.  Whether you drank the weekend away with yummy cocktails on a beach somewhere, or just had boozy brunch in the city with friends, water is your friend when it comes to making your body feel refreshed and ready to conquer the short work week.

3. Speaking of which, remember that it is a SHORT work week! It’s already Tuesday?  Before you know it the week will be halfway done?  When combatting your post-vacation blues, your mind is the biggest part of it!

4. Make the transition into work, work, work, slowly.  I don’t mean be sluggish Tuesday morning, I mean plan something to look forward to after work on Tuesday: nothing crazy, just something to look forward to like yoga, dinner, Netflix and chill, whatever! You just had three days of fun that you were probably looking forward to for a while.  Now all of a sudden you’re back at work with nothing to think about but your impending meetings, and the ton of work you have scheduled.  So transition slowly by giving yourself something to look forward to after work, but nothing that takes up too much energy, after all vacations may be fun, but they’re not always restful!

5. Last but not least, post pictures of your long weekend adventures on your social media! Even though it’s Tuesday, it doesn’t mean you have to automatically forget about your fun adventures.  Use the memories of fun to help get you through your first day back.


J. Molly

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