All the Highlights you Need to Know about the Suits Finale Last Night

*****Warning**** This article contains major Suits spoilers so stop reading now if you have not yet watched the season 6 mid-season finale episode that aired Sept. 14.



Who knew that a hand-hold could be so evocative! With just five minutes before the episode was over, they had put to rest all of the season’s main plot lines, Leonard Bailey was released from prison, and Harvey kept his clients from leaving the firm.  Ok, that’s great and all, good job, but I wanted more, and boy did they deliver!

First, Louis proposed to Tara after making the sweetest speech about wanting to be there forever to take care of her and her unborn baby and yes, they just revealed this pregnancy news in this episode!  Sadly, it’s not Louis’ baby, it’s her ex’s.  Despite some road bumps, the Louis and Tara relationship ought to make people all warm and fuzzy inside.  Louis may be difficult at times, but he has always shown passion, love, and thoughtfulness for Tara!  I mean, the man almost bought a mansion in the Hamptons just for architect Tara to remodel in order to spend time with her! If that’s not love, what the fuck is?  Most men just ask the woman they love out on a date.  Louis is a bit more extreme, as always.

Although many may have thought Louis finding love would never happen, something else happened in this episode that was even more unbelievable!  Jessica, managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt law firm, quits the firm and tells her on again off again boyfriend, that she doesn’t want to be a corporate lawyer anymore! Reports say that the actress who plays Jessica, Gina Torres, asked to be written out because she wants to spend more time in LA and not Toronto, where the television show is filmed.

Although this plot line was a complete shock to me, and probably many others, they did exit her from the show in a rather sophisticated way!  While I don’t believe the character would truly ever quit the firm until she was practically on her death bed because the firm was her life, and also part of the reason why she lost her boyfriend in the first place, her sudden self-introspection and flashbacks to her teenage years were somewhat relatable.  Jessica is now on her way to Chicago with her rekindled love interest.  *Sigh* So many happy love stories in this episode!

But wait, the real bomb was dropped mere seconds before the episode ended.  Harvey and Donna, his witty and powerful secretary, are standing next to each other staring out the office window into the darkness, when suddenly they grab each other’s hand! Ahh! The fact that a TV show could cause such an emotional reaction in their audience by just a simple hand hold, means that they’ve definitely done something right!  Viewers have been invested in the Harvey and Donna relationship for six seasons now!  Are they finally going to get their happy ending when the season 6 returns this winter or was that just a sign that they were going to remain a strong team while fighting to get the firm healthy and prosperous once again?

Who else is hoping for a Harvey/Donna (Darvey) relationship?!


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