This New Fall TV Show has all A Walk to Remember Fans Super Excited

This is Us.  A Walk to Remember fans can rejoice for Mandy Moore, and Gilmore Girl fans can rejoice for Milo Ventimiglia coming together for this seemingly heartfelt, tear jerker show that I’m hoping to love when it airs September 20th on NBC.  Being both a Walk to Remember fan and a Gilmore Girls fan, I am doubly excited to see these actors working together in what looks like a truly heartfelt performance.

From the writers and directors of the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, This is US is expected to stir up some deep emotions amongst its viewers.  With story lines like becoming parents, reaching life milestones, and making breakthroughs on goals, this show will beg for inner-reflection and perhaps even hit close to home for so many.  People are calling it the new Parenthood.

But above all, this show doesn’t try to be anything gimmicky or forced; it supposedly relies on the reality of every day people and tells stories that are real to so many.

Tune in to NBC this Tuesday at 10pm.


J. Molly


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