I Wore an Evening Gown in the Ocean and it was Perfect

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When I first heard that people were getting together to dress up in formal wear and go to the beach, I was beyond intrigued.  I love dressing up and I love the beach with the beautiful ocean and the hot sand, but never have I ever thought that I would end up combining the two!

My dress search began a week ago.  I needed an inexpensive long evening dress that I wouldn’t have to get altered.  The hardest part was finding a dress that I wasn’t sad to wreck, but also one that I’d love to wear.

This Forever 21 dress fit all of my criteria!  Best of all, it wasn’t too long for me!  Seeing as how I am 5 foot 3.5 inches tall, I’ve always had to get long dresses shortened.  It was a very pleasant surprise to find a maxi dress that I wasn’t tripping over!

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The first plunge into the ocean was incredible.  There is something so cathartic about running into the freezing cold waves not only fully clothed, but wearing fancy attire!

This photo happened when an unsuspecting, powerful wave knocked me down.  Of course by that point, with my dress already ruined, I took the opportunity to have a photo shoot to capture this ridiculous moment!


You can buy this dress by clicking here: Forever 21 Bejeweled Waist Maxi Dress


J. Molly


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