Why Making Lists Makes us More Productive


Every morning one of my favorite traditions is making a list of everything I want/need to accomplish that day.  Sometimes, the night before when my mind is racing and I can’t fall asleep, I’ll pre-plan the next day’s list and just add or moderate it the next morning.  I open up one of the many journals I own, sit there with music playing and plan my days.

Step one includes brainstorming and making the list.

Step two involves prioritizing and putting the items in order starting with the items I want to accomplish first.

Step three involves creating a timeline and allotting a realistic amount of time to finish each item on the list.

Step four involves starring the ones that are super vital!

Step five is one of the most fun steps: crossing off the items as they’re completed!  You know you love this too! 😉

While list makers may be commonly thought of as “nerds” or “geeks” or “organize freaks,” I assure you I am not an organized freak, and yet I love making lists!  Yes, everyone has their Google Calendars for the big stuff and the works meetings, etcetera, but what about planning out the smaller daily accomplishments, the tasks that we could easily ignore or forget about if not reminded to do them.

Making lists helps us be more productive because they help us breakdown everything we have to do so that we aren’t overwhelmed with a haze of floating tasks fighting for space in our minds. Making lists can also help us set our expectations for how much we can get done and how quickly everything needs to be completed.

Deadlines are great motivators.  Giving each task on your list a deadline helps increase productivity because you’re striving towards a goal that needs to be met!  While lists may also point out the overwhelming number of tasks there are to do, you can enjoy rewarding feedback along the way as you make your way through the list crossing off each item one by one.

To make all of your lists you’re going to want to start by buying some adorable notebooks like this Kate Spade monogramed notebook.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

If you’re looking for something a bit funkier, your solution is ombre!  This comes in a variety of colors!

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Notebooks that point out the obvious are cool, as long as they’re dressed up in pretty colors, just like this pink and gold one!



And then there are the journals that just make you say “awww” every time you see them, like this panda stud.



Then there are the cold, hard, truth journals.  After all, journalling is serious business, so you need serious inspiration to make the magic happen!













Once you finish reading this article, I suggest you start making those lists to increase your productivity, thereby increasing your happiness!


J. Molly



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