Cool New Ways to Wear Denim this Fall

After attending a 90’s party this weekend, the combination of listening to Ace of Base and Britney’s Baby One More Time and reflecting on the trends, gave me an even more positive look on the re-emergence of everything denim.

While limited in its versatility, wearing a colored denim jacket this fall is more than A-okay! In fact, my pink denim jacket has been my go-to outerwear piece to throw over a neutral-colored dress.


You can shop this light pink denim jacket from Urban Outfitters here:

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Starting with our feet and working our way up, we’ve got wild denim boots trending this Fall.



We’ve gotten a bit edgier since the 90’s.  Ripped jeans have taken on a whole new meaning this season.  Just take a look at these open thigh denim.



Whoever said denim jackets couldn’t be sexy, is clearly wrong.  They may be casual, but you can dress them up in a million different ways!




J. Molly



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