Your Weekend Pick-Me-Up Starts at Home

Every now and then all of us could use an infusion of positivity in our lives.  Surrounding ourselves with awesomeness and reminders of our awesomeness is a new trend that more of us should embrace!

I looked through pages and pages of Urban Outfitter’s home goods to find these inspiring gems!

While coffee is a great way to inspire good vibes in the morning, a pillow could help as well!

Urban Outfitters

When you’re standing in front of the mirror in the morning after waking up, a time when you’re you’re most visually vulnerable, a bath mat compliment couldn’t hurt!

Urban Outfitters

Light up your life with this inspirational LED box lamp.  When you strive for the best, you should achieve the best!

Urban Outfitters

And we’re back to another complimentary bath mat!  People say we’re a product of our environment.  Keep your feet warm and comfy when you step on the flawless mat.

Urban Outfitters

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


J. Molly



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