Your Style Guide for Weekend Brunches



To brunch or not to brunch…is never the question! Of course we brunch! Three years ago my time spent with friends usually revolved around choosing a bar, restaurant, or mall to spend our time together.  I didn’t realize that I would soon discover one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with friends…that is, over a table full of breakfast food, bottomless mimosas, and sometimes, a picture perfect view!

When dressing for this indulgent occasion, it’s nice to pull out all your feminine duds and those classy pieces you borrowed from your grandmother.  From the wide-brimmed hat you have stashed somewhere at the back of your closet to the floral dress that makes you nostalgic for your childhood dress-up days, dressing for a friendly brunch is a fashionista’s and a girly-girl’s dream!

Brunch Style List:

Wide-brimmed hat:

American Eagle

American Eagle


Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Floral dress:




Fendi at Neiman Marcus

Fendi at Neiman Marcus





J. Molly


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