Just Say NO to the “Ugly Shoe” Trend

The worst is happening, the thing that we’ve all dreaded, the thing that we never thought would happen, and no I’m not referring to Trump possibly being elected as President, I’m referring to the mass embrace of “ugly!” shoes!  There is no other word to describe it.  Designers, editors, retailers have not only dubbed the “ugly shoe” trend as “in fashion” but have confirmed this trend is not going away any time soon!


The very fact that ugly shoes could become a trend, is more than just a little bit scary!  Any shoe that isn’t Carrie from Sex in the City approved, should be worn with caution!  Of course when you’re packing for a trip to a dessert or even just a day of hiking, a functional pair of ugly sandals may be essential, but when we have top celebs and fashion influencers praising these ugly sandals and wearing them as part of their daily fashionable ensemble, it’s time to worry!

Research shows that this past Summer, Birkenstocks were the most googled shoe search. However, it’s not just consumers who have embraced this questionable taste in shoes.  The tastemakers themselves, the high-end designers, are featuring some of the most ugly shoes on the runways.

Despite never making it anywhere near any one of my closets, rubber Crocs somehow found their way onto the New York Fashion Week runways!  Sure these shoes have a place in our shoe industry.  For example, if you break your foot and you’re wearing a cast and you need a comfy shoe to easily slip on and off or if you need something to wear in a public shower then hey, these should be your go-to’s!

Crocs at Zappos

Crocs at Zappos

To make matters worse, Velcro Teva shoes were also seen on the runways!  Even if these shoes had sparkles they’d still be questionable, and there’s very few problems that sparkles can’t fix!



Experimentation in the world of “ugly” shoes stretches even further than Crocs and plastic slip-ons.  Sandal-boot hybrids were deemed the ugliest shoe of all time by Racked and Cosmopolitan.



It may seem cliché, but when someone gives you lemons, make lemonade!  Free People did just that with these stylish rugged open toe sandal boots, thereby proving that some of the ugliest trends can be salvaged!  Click to shop other colors!

Free People

Free People

So what is the reason behind this “ugly shoe” trend?  If everyone seems okay embracing shoes that they openly admit are ugly, they must have some other desirable quality: comfort!

Before you jump on the “ugly shoe” bandwagon, consider the alternative: stylish, comfy shoes!

The flat slide-on mule is professional, casual, and chic, and it can be found in many different variations at all your favorite retailers.  Just check out this black and white slide-on mule from Jeffrey Campbell!  Comfy doesn’t HAVE to mean UGLY.

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell

Say NO to ugly shoes before the madness continues!


J. Molly






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