Alcohol-Filled Donuts are Now a Thing

As if the sugary, fatty goodness of donuts weren’t enough, this long-time admired dessert has a new twist for adults.  Habit Doughnut Dispensary in Denver, Colorado is pumping their sugary desserts full of alcohol so that we not only get a sugar hangover, we get an alcohol hangover as well!

Courtesy of Habit Doughnuts Instagram

Habit Doughnuts Instagram

The syringe lets you dispense the alcohol into the donut as you go!  There have definitely been mixed reviews as to whether this is a great idea, simply absurd!

Only time will tell whether “coffee and donuts” will soon be competing with the hipper “alcohol and donuts” trend.

My first thought was to immediately write this off as an impractical novelty.  Filling your donuts with alcohol is definitely a very inefficient way to get drunk considering you’d probably have to eat a lot of donuts to actually feel anything.  I also feel compelled to question the taste of alcohol inside a donut.

Alcohol and donuts are both highly desirable and enjoyable to consume, but there’s a big question in mind as to whether combining the two would ruin the two!

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s tried this new alcoholic donut delicacy!


J. Molly


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