Five More Reasons to Love Emma Stone

…as if we didn’t have enough.

The beautiful, 27 year old Emma Stone has stolen the limelight in all our favorite comedies like Crazy, Stupid, Love, The House Bunny, Easy A, and many more, but it turns out that her off camera personality is just as quirky and cute as her on-camera personas.


In Emma Stone’s Vogue’s 73 Questions Interview, we got to learn some unique things about her.

  1. She cried in front of Tom Hanks when she met him.  Understandable.
  2. French fries and brussel sprouts are her favorite things to eat!  Weird combination, but I’d say I totally agree!
  3. She has the cutest dog ever! Seriously! AND, she likes to dress him up in a rain coat.
  4. Her impersonation of Britney Spears is incredible! …even if it only lasted for two seconds!  
  5. According to some, she looks like a fish inside a chicken, smoking a cigarette.  But she doesn’t seem to mind!

Check out the full interview here.


J. Molly


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