Tips for Enjoying the Final Presidential Debate

  1. Get Comfortable.  There’s something oddly satisfying about being comfy on your couch with a blanket over you while watching a comedy show that unfortunately is real life.
  2. whatever form you can get it.  When listening to craziness and absurdity, it always helps to take the edge off with an alcoholic beverage.


3. Drinking isn’t enough.  Turn it into a drinking game in order to keep the situation light.  Here are the rules:

Take a drink whenever:

a) Trump interrupts Clinton

b) Clinton smiles

c) Trump says “WRONG” “Fraud” “Terrible” “Alex Baldwin” “Bill Clinton” “Rigged”

And if at any time you start to feel yourself agreeing with Donald Trump, guzzle your entire beverage and keep going until you come to your senses.


All jokes aside, enjoy the madness!


J. Molly





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