The Hardest Gilmore Girls Quiz You’ll Ever Take

In honor of Gilmore Girls premiering in exactly one month, take the hardest Gilmore Girls quiz ever!  Lets preface by saying that even if you only get 1 or 2 answers right, that’s still awesome and you’re probably a huge fan!  Now that we’re so close to the new episodes premiering, everyone is calling themselves super fans; lets see who truly is one!  And don’t even think about cheating!


1. When Jess arrives in Stars Hollow in season 2, what color vest is he wearing when he gets off the bus?

a) red

b) blue

c) black

d) grey

2. In season 3 episode 1, when Lorelai and Luke are in a fight, Lorelai enters the diner and introduces herself as a new customer named:

a) Veronika

b) Lizzie

c) Lory

d) Mimi

3. When Richard Gilmore goes to Luke’s to eat breakfast with Lorelai in season 2, Richard insists that Lorelai orders:

a) a pickle

b) an orange

c) a grapefruit

d) a side of scrambled eggs

4. In order to get Richard to stop nagging her to order this breakfast item in question 3, Lorelai goes up to Luke and asks him to buy her one, and says “preferably one that tastes like a…”

a) burger

b) donut

c) cookie

d) french fry

5. In the first season, before Kirk was known as Kirk, he first introduced himself to Lorelai as:

a) Mick

b) Rick

c) Victor

d) Louis

6. Who introduces Paris Gellar to Professor Fleming?

a) Emily Gilmore

b) Lorelai Gilmore

c) Doyle

d) Richard Gilmore

7. In season 7 when Lorelai tells Rory the story about the first time she had a pop tart growing up, she mentioned that she was at which friend’s house:

a) Lisa

b) Sherry

c) Michelle

d) Erika

8. What is the name of the maid that sues Emily Gilmore for wrongful termination:

a) Rosa

b) Francie

c) Gerta

d) Annabelle

9. In season 3 Lorelai goes fishing and brings fish home with her at the end of the day.  What does she name the fish:

a) Lorelai Gilmore

b) Cindy

c) Madonna

d) Jane Mansfield

10. In Season 3 we meet some of Sherry’s friends.  When Sherry goes into premature labor, what is the name of the friend who calls Rory to tell her to go to the hospital?

a) Olivia Rose

b) Maureen Rollins

c) Casey Richter

d) Shira Roman

11.  In season 6, T.J. sends construction workers upstairs and they see Lorelai naked.  Lorelai tells Luke about it.  How many people saw her naked?

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6

d) 3

12.  What were the names of the guys that saw her naked?

a) Joe, Pete, Slim, Billy, Teddy

b) Rocko, George, Max, Doug

c) Pete, Michael, Roger, Nick, Alex

d) James, Doug, Joe, Felix, Mark, Nate

13. When Rory joins the DAR in season 6, she agrees to be Emily’s spy in the place because Emily thinks that one woman is trying to take over.  What is the name of the woman Emily doesn’t like?

a) Rita

b) Constance

c) Angela

d) Rosetta

14. In season 5, Rory and Logan steal a boat.  In season 6, Paris Gellar tells Rory that the boat belongs to who?

a) Daniel Zimmerman

b) Michael Rosenthal

c) Alex Bacchus

d) Tony Fielding

15. In season 7, Lorelai goes back into Luke’s diner after not going there for almost a year after Luke and Lorelai split up.  Kirk says he marked it in his calendar the last time she was in the diner.  He says that day was:

a) June 2, 2006

b) May 25, 2005

c) May 22, 2006

d) June 5, 2005

If you got 0 answers correct: Don’t worry you’re probably still a huge Gilmore Girls fan, but maybe you should do another Gilmore Girls marathon before the new episodes premiere.

If you got 1-5 answers correct: Congrats! You know a freakishly large amount of useless Gilmore Girls trivia!  Time to get excited for the new episodes to premiere!

If you got 6-10 answers correct: Wow! You’re either a great guesser, or you’ve spent a lot of weekends marathoning Gilmore Girls!  Looks like you’re all ready for the new episodes to premiere!

If you got 11-14 answers correct: Hello Lorelai!  You know more about Gilmore Girls than the Gilmore Girls themselves!! Your attention to detail is spectacular!  Looks like you’ve watched Gilmore Girls more than 100 times!!

If you got all 15 questions correct: Are you the producer of the show?  Seriously, you either work for the show in some capacity or are truly Gilmore Girls’ number one fan!! Congrats superstar!

Share the quiz with friends and see who is truly a Gilmore Girl! Now that you know you’re a Gilmore Girls fanatic, show it off with some Gilmore Girls merchandise. Available to purchase from Etsy, Urban Outfitters, and Macy’s.


1 b), 2 d), 3 c), 4 b), 5 a), 6 d), 7 d), 8 c), 9 d), 10 b), 11 b), 12 a), 13 b), 14 a), 15 c)




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