Why Business Trips are Never Just about the Business


Last week I took a business trip to Chicago for a trade show.  Not only was I probably the youngest one there, I was also the only one in the room wearing pink.  Most people probably think that business trips are about the work.  Let me show you how they’re not!

I may have talked to 5 or 6 people about the business, the products, or my role in the company, but I told about 20 people that I bought my shoes from Aldo.  A trade show gives you the opportunity to show off your style to a wider audience than the usual set number of coworkers in your office.  I may have shook hands with 30 new business men that I met, but the photo-op didn’t start until I met the man in a gorilla suit.


Business trips are about the city.  Taking an all expense paid trip to Chicago, a city I’d been wanting to visit, was half the fun!  A business trip takes you away from sitting behind your computer screen all day long.  This is when life happens.  New city means new dining experiences.  In Chicago, we ate at an amazing restaurant called Joe’s.  After all, you know your restaurant is good when you look over and see A-Rod dining at the table next to you.  True story!

The best part about a quick trip is the size of your luggage!  There’s something to be said about being able to get off a plane and head straight to the exit with just your carry-on.  This trip I was lucky enough to sit beside an ex-con on my way to Chicago.

But the real party started the next day at 3:00pm when we had a late lunch with cocktails.  Before dinner the party continued with drinks at our hotel, The Hyatt (we were really slumming it).  The party kept going with bottles of wine at dinner.  The party ended just after we finished our late-night drinks. I’d say all in all it was a productive day of…work.

The next morning we ate breakfast at our hotel.  I have to admit it was a little weird drinking orange juice that didn’t have champagne in it, but at least it was fresh-squeezed.

On the way to the airport I was sad to be leaving, but happy to know I was getting out of the city before the madness of the Cubs game began!  Little did I know the adventure wasn’t over yet! Just minutes before boarding the plane to fly home, I watched another plane’s engine explode into flames and black smoke on the tarmac.  There’s nothing like watching another plane on fire minutes before stepping onto your own plane.  Luckily the gin martinis from the previous night were still keeping me mellow.

While the “business” trip went by way too quickly, it sure was great!  And now I can tell people that every time I visit Chicago, the Cubs win the World Series!










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