How Vogue Just Upset Big-Breasted Women

The internet is going crazy over Vogue’s recent article about “cleavage” being out of fashion. In the fashion world, if Vogue says it, people believe it!  But can a body part really go out of fashion?  If anything, I’d say that short dresses that barely cover our butts and have to be pulled down every two seconds while walking, is the trend we should do away with before any other!


Cleavage is a natural part of a woman’s body.  Sure we can cover it up with conservative high-neck tops, but saying cleavage is out it like saying butts are out!  I’m sorry, certain things can never really be deemed “out of fashion.”

Showing cleavage has been a time-honored tradition in fashion magazines and runways for a long time now.  With our society taking so many steps forward, the risk of a possible nip-slip in a cleavage-bearing top, isn’t even that bad anymore!  Remember the 2004 Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake superbowl debacle?  That story was talked about forever!  If that were to happen again, it wouldn’t even make it to our Facebook trending topics.  Thanks to Miley Cyrus and Donald Trump, very little shocks us anymore.

For women with small breasts, achieving cleavage in a push-up bra is deemed a proud accomplishment: a way to feel sexier!  I say “sexier” instead of “sexy” because women should feel sexy no matter how they look, whether or not they are showing cleavage!

I think the only thing we should learn from Vogue’s statement about cleavage being “out of fashion” is that no one source, despite how powerful they may be can dictate certain rules. Some things never go out of fashion!



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