Election Day Chaos Calls for Organization at Home

When everything is so disorganized, it calls for a little organization in your life…starting with your closet.  After you head to the polls and cast your vote, whether you’re filled with a sense of clarity, confusion, or worry, there’s no better way to de-stress than cleaning up the mess that you live with every day in your home.


After a long time of hating the pile of shoes taking up the entire floor of my closet, I finally ordered a shoe rack and did some much-needed organization.  Now I can actually step into my closet instead of admiring it from afar.

While achieving organization in a small apartment is sometimes tricky due to the sheer lack of space to store your items, it is possible.  All you have to do is think strategically and build upwards.  While I hope to one day need a shoe rack as high as a skyscraper to store all my high heels, this shoe rack with five shelves was a good start!  I actually added another shelf by extending two bars downwards so that the floor acted as another shelf, instead of having the bottom shelf sit right on the floor.  (Sure, this was an accident due to a building error that I was too lazy to go back and fix, but oh well it worked out for the best!)

When you’re staring at the heap of shoes lying messy on your closet floor, the thought of buying more shoes can make you a little tense!  After organizing my shoes on this shoe rack I discovered something great. There are three spots left on top, perhaps for a few new pairs of Fall’s hottest booties?  Jeffrey Campbell is definitely high on the list with all the pink booties they’ve debuted this season!

When everything’s lined up it’s easy to see the trends in your style choices.  It’s easier to see what you have and what you’re missing.  Organizing your closet should be a clear choice. Unfortunately, after having to make a Sophie’s choice in this election, you can now actually make a good one at home, with the only consequence being happiness and admiration for your newly improved living space!





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