The New Kind of Detox That Has Everybody Talking


As soon as we hear the word, “detox,” people immediately imagine a fridge filled with vegetable juices, a hungry belly, and maybe even a sauna.  Apparently, processed foods aren’t the only toxins people are discarding.

There is a new trend in town, and that is the “digital detox.”

Unlike the juice detox, a digital detox doesn’t limit your food consumption. Instead, it limits your access to your computers, smartphones, and iPads.  The first question you may ask yourself is, “Why would anyone do this?” Our technological advances are part of what keeps our civilization moving forward.  Our phones make us easily accessible; they act as our GPS, they record our favorite moments via pictures and videos, they give us access to the internet on the run, all of which are benefits we enjoy.  So why refrain?

Studies have shown that refraining from technology can help our posture, allow us to make deeper friendships, improve our memory, help us get more efficient sleep, and give us new and refreshing perspectives.

While many of you might currently be formulating your New Year’s resolutions, perhaps a temporary reduction of technology use should be added to the list.  Each person is unique and will feel this feat differently.  Some individual testers have described the experience as “life-changing.”  While I wouldn’t set the bar that high, at the very least, you may discover something new about yourself or the world!  Why not take this step in the new year!

Don’t let your phones be a conversation killer.  Like chocolate cake, technology is incredible in moderation.






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