The Good Wife Comes back in the form of The Good Fight: 5 Reasons to be Super Excited

Courtesy of CBS

Courtesy of CBS

If you’re a loyal fan of “The Good Wife,” you’re in luck because a Spin-off is coming down the pike. The creators of the “The Good Wife,” Robert and Michelle King, have narrowed in on a few characters from “The Good Wife,” and are picking up the storyline a year after where they left off the finale of the Good Wife.  “The Good Fight” is not “The Good Wife” say the creators.  But here’s why we should be excited for it anyway:

  1. Our favorite characters are back! The show is centered around Diane Lockhart, Lucca Quinn, and Marissa (Eli’s daughter).  Marissa’s non-chalant ways, her ability to say things as they are, and her penchant for milk and sweets are just a few of the reasons why we love her.  Most of all, one of the BEST characters ever to exist on a TV show is coming back, which leads us to reason number 2:
  2. Actress Carrie Preston, known on The Good Wife as Elsbeth Tascioni, is doing an arc on “The Good Fight.”  The only person who can make us feel less socially awkward, is Elsbeth Tascioni.
  3. The creators of “The Good Wife” have proven to us that they can create one of the best law shows that has ever existed.  So why couldn’t they do it again?  Let’s all bet on the show being just as great as it was for “The Good Wife’s” seven-year stint on air.
  4. The show will be about rebuilding and getting up when you’ve fallen down.  After all, it is called, “The Good Fight.”  We’re ready with our dukes up.
  5. The start date was moved up from the Spring to February 19th, which means there’s only a month and a half before it premieres! Time to get excited!


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