The Fall Stay-Cation you Need in your Life

It’s the weekend after labor day and it’s becoming harder and harder to feel those Summer vibes.  Bikini season is replaced by fall sweaters and booties.  Vacation season slowly comes to a close, and fun weekends become more about chilling indoors with a good book and a glass of wine.

So how do you make the transition to Fall as fun as possible?  You host the ultimate stay-cation! That’s right, it’s a vacation in your home, and it’s personalized to your specific tastes.  What could be better?

It starts with the most luxurious bedding from Crane & Canopy.  You don’t need a hotel bed to have a luxurious sleep, but a soft duvet and sheets, and a few extra pillows will definitely help!

Photos Courtesy of Crane & Canopy


A few extra decorative pillows are perfect for propping you up so you can sit up and have breakfast in bed (don’t forget the mimosas!) or catch up on reading your favorite novels.Ambiance is always important.  Treat yourself to amazing home decor.  Even if you’re not an interior designer, there are so many ways to become inspired and find the perfect decor to suit your taste! It only takes a few minutes on Pinterest to find all the color and style inspiration you could ever want!

We all have a list of activities we love to do when we’re not at work or doing one of the million responsibilities that we have on our plate at any given time.  Stay-cations are for forgetting those everyday responsibilities and taking the time to relax, have a bath, and pamper yourself within the confines of your lavish home decor.

At the end of the day you can curl up by a fire, order in your favorite meal, and stay cozy and warm underneath a soft knit throw.

When Monday arrives and people ask you about your weekend you can say you had the best vacation – a stay-cation! And you didn’t even have to leave your home!






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