The Best High Heels from Katy Perry’s Shoe Collection

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a pair of Katy Perry shoes.  They’re fun, funky, and a little weird, all of which is exactly what I want.  This season there seems to be a fruit theme happening.  The Citron sandal is so perfect for a summer picnic or weekend brunch with your friends.

Katy Perry collection                                                                              The Citron Sandal

The lime ones make me want a dance bar and a margarita in hand.  They can so easily be dressed up or down depending what you pair with them.

These chain link strappy sandals would be fairly ordinary if they didn’t have that unique chain link heel.  The smallest details can set shoes apart and make them truly unique.

Katy Perry shoe collection

Vilan Sandal



2 thoughts on “The Best High Heels from Katy Perry’s Shoe Collection

  1. iwannabealady says:

    Goodness, I love my shoes. These are pretty cool. I especially love the chain link heels. You’re right, a lot of times it’s those small attentions to detail that makes the shoe.

    • Molly's Runway says:

      aw same! Shoes are my total weakness! The chain link ones are so cool and innovative!

      Molly 🙂

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