Why I Can’t Do a Capsule Wardrobe

With my recent move, I kept trying to figure out how I was going to bring all my clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories with me. When I took a moment to think about it, I realized that I have so much stuff that I don’t like, don’t wear that often, and don’t need and yet I can’t seem to get rid of them.  Although I’ve recently thought about trying to form more of a capsule wardrobe, I’ve begun to realize that it just may not be for me.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

capsule wardrobe consists of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion. The pieces are very versatile, making them easy to mix and match with anything else in your wardrobe.

Because capsule wardrobes consist of all year round, versatile pieces, I often find that it leaves me wanting more: more trendy items, more flashy items, and more colorful items. The very idea of choosing a mere 15-20 pieces to wear consistently, bores me to tears! I love the idea that choosing an outfit becomes easier due to the sheer lack of choices, but at the same time, I HATE the lack of choices!

The Millennial Attitude Towards Fashion

When I was growing up I remember reading that many celebrities would only wear a dress once. I used to think that was crazy; what if they loved that dress, why can’t they just wear it again? But then as I grew up, I realized that I started falling out of love with some dresses after wearing them and being pictured in them.

My question is, have I just fallen prey to this millennial attitude that is geared towards always wanting more? More stuff, more experiences, and more fun? Or does this attitude just reflect my constantly morphing style preferences and my desire to keep things fresh and exciting?

Options Aren’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

I love sparkles. I love metallics.  I love pink! I love uncomfortable high heels. I love wearing sparkly jewelry. I love wearing a different pair of shoes everyday. I love scouring the internet for inspiration for a new look. I’m excited to move to a new city because I want to try out a new style. This isn’t a bad thing.

There are so many articles about how to start a capsule wardrobe. When I read them I become inspired and gleeful, and then I take a look at my closet trying to discard anything I haven’t worn in the past few years, but I find myself making excuses to keep items like a flashy leopard cardigan that I’ve never worn. I find myself saying things like, “What if leopard one day loses it’s cliche cougar reputation. What if leopard print becomes my new favorite obsession after the color pink? What if one day I wake up and decide I actually don’t hate leopard print and I don’t think it’s tacky?

Trends DO Resurface

It’s the circle of life.

I have two jean skorts (yes “skort” a skirt with shorts underneath) that I haven’t worn since high school and that would most definitely show off my lower butt cheeks, but I keep them thinking that if the “2004 style” resurfaces, I’ll be right on trend!

I’ve done preppy, I’ve done girly, I’ve done fancy, I’ve done classy, I’ve done scandalous, and I’m looking forward to trying boho.  Changing my style regularly is what keeps fashion exciting for me.  This is why I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am currently not interested in pursuing a capsule wardrobe.  That is why I ended up trying to figure out how to cram 50 pairs of shoes into four suitcases!

Everything in Moderation (Even Moderation)

Although I won’t be committing to a capsule wardrobe anytime soon, I will definitely think about the versatility of a piece before buying it. I’m slowly moving past those days of purchasing 5-inch platform heels that I used to call my “dinner shoes” because I couldn’t walk in them, so I’d simply wear them while sitting and eating dinner.  I’ve grown to think about comfort and versatility more and more as I buy new items to enhance my personal style. While I’m still a fan of anything pink and sparkly, I can also see the value in a classic little black dress or a pair of solid colored pumps.

capsule wardrobe

Investing in a Few Basics

My wardrobe is actually pretty devoid of many “basic” items. I always used to avoid buying basic tees and basic cardigans because I wanted to save my money for the inevitable crazy, wild pink color-blocked, geometric, 5-inch high heels that I knew I would inevitably fall madly in love with to the point where I couldn’t get my mind off them. But now I’ve realized that my wardrobe is sorely lacking in versatile basics. I’ve accepted the fact that I should hold off on buying crazy pieces at the moment, and instead focus on buying quality, casual pieces that will support and nurture my low maintenance easy-going lifestyle.




Why the Grammy’s are just a Political Throwdown Now

Ten years ago I watched the Grammy’s to see my favorite bands perform, dance in my room, and cheer on my favorite musical artists.  This year I find myself watching the show to see who makes the biggest political statement…and yeah okay the live musical performances are nice too.

Political statement number one came from an American singer I had never heard of before, Joy Villa.  She wore a dress with a fetus in a womb on it and a handbag that said pro-life.  Props to you for using fashion to give you publicity but lets all agree, that if you’re pro-trump in Hollywood then you’re setting yourself up for bad publicity.

For those who are still focused on the fashion.  The best way to stun your audience is with a neutral gown.  For those who don’t have the budget of a celebrity, here are a few that are elegant, stunning, and affordable.BCBG gown

Nordstrom gown


Black gown

Rue La La

When you find a beautiful black gown on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue you don’t questions it.

Black off-the-shoulder gown

Saks Fifth Avenue




Five Jumpsuits to Wear to a Professional Networking Event

Deciding what to wear to a networking event can be tough.  On one hand you want to look classy, you will be meeting a lot of new people that could potentially become your colleague or boss.  But on the other hand, you want to look stylish AF because you’re tired of looking frumpy at work after being up at 6am and running out the door without putting more than two seconds of thought into your ensemble.  This is the perfect opportunity to actually coordinate your outfit with your shoes, the bag, the jewelry, the whole nine yards. All of these jumpsuits would also be great for date night with your SO.

women's jumpsuit

You know almost every woman will be showing up in their boring work clothes.  Why not be a dare devil and give this sexy red jumpsuit a try?

Holiday Party


This sassy strapless green jumpsuit is anything but casual.

Off the shoulder jumpsuit


Hello, be a stunner in black with this off-the shoulder eye-catcher.

Christmas Party


Very few people can pull off orange, but if you’re one of them, here’s your chance!

Style Blogger


No one looks bad in blue. This bold jumpsuit will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Shop your Favorite Styles Here:

Red jumpsuit
Green jumpsuit
Black jumpsuit
Orange jumpsuit 
Blue jumpsuit



The Fall Stay-Cation you Need in your Life

It’s the weekend after labor day and it’s becoming harder and harder to feel those Summer vibes.  Bikini season is replaced by fall sweaters and booties.  Vacation season slowly comes to a close, and fun weekends become more about chilling indoors with a good book and a glass of wine.

So how do you make the transition to Fall as fun as possible?  You host the ultimate stay-cation! That’s right, it’s a vacation in your home, and it’s personalized to your specific tastes.  What could be better?

It starts with the most luxurious bedding from Crane & Canopy.  You don’t need a hotel bed to have a luxurious sleep, but a soft duvet and sheets, and a few extra pillows will definitely help!

Photos Courtesy of Crane & Canopy


A few extra decorative pillows are perfect for propping you up so you can sit up and have breakfast in bed (don’t forget the mimosas!) or catch up on reading your favorite novels.Ambiance is always important.  Treat yourself to amazing home decor.  Even if you’re not an interior designer, there are so many ways to become inspired and find the perfect decor to suit your taste! It only takes a few minutes on Pinterest to find all the color and style inspiration you could ever want!

We all have a list of activities we love to do when we’re not at work or doing one of the million responsibilities that we have on our plate at any given time.  Stay-cations are for forgetting those everyday responsibilities and taking the time to relax, have a bath, and pamper yourself within the confines of your lavish home decor.

At the end of the day you can curl up by a fire, order in your favorite meal, and stay cozy and warm underneath a soft knit throw.

When Monday arrives and people ask you about your weekend you can say you had the best vacation – a stay-cation! And you didn’t even have to leave your home!






Turn your Apartment Into an Oasis with These Must-Have Home Decor Items

Having a home or apartment decorated with the most unique modern pieces is always the dream.  Whether you’re the type of person that’s never home during the daylight, or someone who works from home, we all know that loving your living space can be a great form of daily inspiration.

When you wake up in the morning and you’re at your most visually vulnerable, there’s nothing like a little bit of bath mat encouragement.

Urban Outfitters

And if that doesn’t inspire you, hopefully this bath mat will.

Urban Outfitters

Your bedroom should reflect your personality and individual taste.  This feminine headboard is the perfect combination of antique and modern.

Urban Outfitters ($498)

Light up your life with these ultra chic candles, lamps, and lights.

Urban Outfitters ($14)

Anthropologie ($138)

Urban Outfitters

You should be thinking about functionality and design at every step of the way.  Each tabletop should make a statement just like this one.

Anthropologie ($498)

Use your space wisely.  This chest of drawers is the perfect tabletop and convenient form of storage.  It’s bright and rustic, perfect to lighten up any room.

Urban Outfitters ($749)

Sometimes it’s best to dig down to our roots and live old-school style on the floor.  These floor couches create a comfortable space to lounge on and take in the beauty of your apartment or home.

Urban Outfitters ($219)

Turning your home into your personal playground doesn’t have to happen all at once.  Like relationships, sometimes you have to search a while until you find your love.  But hopefully when you do, you’ll have all the furniture and accessories you need to make your Netflix and Chill nights a dream come true.



Kitchen Accessories that will Change your Life…or at Least Make it More Glamorous

See bottom of article for links to each item

From colorful dishes to elegant coasters and funny flasks, there are an endless number of cool kitchen gadgets to find at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.  I’ve picked out some of my favorites above!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that help add a dash of positivity to our lives. For example, your morning coffee ritual could be a lot more satisfying if you’re drinking it from the donut-shaped mug above!  Or, perhaps something as small as the heart-shaped mug could remind you that you are loved.

For those quirky souls out there, the avocado cutting board may be the showstopper kitchen accessory of your dreams.  As someone who adores anything pink, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the pink toaster.  Although I rarely ever make toast, if I did, this toaster would be on my “to buy” list for sure!

For all you soup or cereal fans, the set of big colorful bowls would surely add some much-needed color to your life! Opening up your beers with the pink stone bottle opener would definitely turn some heads, as long as you do it at the beginning of the party before everyone is too drunk to notice.

But in all seriousness, how about that donut mug?! I’m in love.

With all the items ranging from $12 to $150, a small amount of money could go a long way in making your kitchen the perfect reflection of you.


  1. Donut Mug ($14)
  2. Pink Toaster ($149.95)
  3. Geometric Mugs ($24)
  4. Avocado Cutting Board ($35)
  5. Whiskey Business Flask ($18)
  6. Heart-shaped Coffee Mug ($12)
  7. Colorful Bowls ($36)
  8. Dessert Plate ($16)
  9. Bottle Opener ($16)
  10. Small Pink Platter ($24)
  11. Coasters ($40)
  12. Punch Glass ($12)

In Celebrity News Today…Jacket Falls off Shoulder

Today I wanted to write a post that would hopefully make people laugh.  I spend a lot of time looking online through all the latest news in a variety of genres, including (I’ll admit it!) celebrity news! Eek! It may not be the most substantial news I incorporate into my life but I like to think of it as a guilty pleasure.

The other day I was looking for celebrity news with Google and this popped up:

REALLY? No seriously, really? Is this what journalism has come to?  “Hailey Baldwin lets denim jacket slip off her shoulder.”  That’s the headline.  If that’s the headline, I can hardly imagine what kind of substance would be in the article.

This fell short of being click bait. After all, the headline is not exactly compelling.  It’s unfortunate that this was deemed newsworthy.  Luckily we can all at least have a nice long chuckle.  They say laughing is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. So thank you.

In all seriousness though, if you’re looking for a similar jean jacket, here are a few to shop now:

AG Jeans at Neiman Marcus

Mavi Jeans at Bloomingdales

Joe’s Jeans at Shopbop

Happy Tuesday!


Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Refresh your Wardrobe

Spring cleaning is an exciting tradition that lives on for a reason: when we clean out our closets we get the chance to refresh our style!  We get rid of the old and make room for the new!  This post was inspired by Dia&Co to get us all into the Spring cleaning mode!

The pink leather jacket (featured above) from Zara is one of the most versatile pieces!  I can wear it during the day with jeans or dress it up at night with a ultra chic skirt!  This item is definitely going in the “keeper” pile!  Hold off on throwing away any leather moto jackets because that trend is here to stay for a while!

The process of getting to that inspiring renewed state where we’re ready to update our wardrobe isn’t always the great thrill we expect it to be when we’re an hour into it and our closets look messier than when we started.  Luckily, there are ways to make the process run smoothly!

Don’t let spring cleaning be something that you dread.  Here are five tricks to improve your cleaning game:

ONE: Get yourself into the cleaning mode by starting with the easiest items to discard: the items that are destroyed or old.  Look for sweat stains, color fading, rips, and balling fabric and say goodbye to them.

TWO: Get rid of the items you haven’t worn in the past year.  I’ll admit I do keep some items around that have sentimental value, I think a lot of people do, but there are many items that sit in the closet for no other reason than to take up space.  Time to give them the boot!

THREE: While you’re making those tough decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, make sure you’ve got your favorite music playing in the background.  After all, any chore is much more fun if you can dance while doing it!

FOUR: Open your blinds and the window, and let the sun shine in on you.  Any task is better in the sunlight, and if you’re going to stay inside and work, you might as well let in some fresh Spring air!

FIVE: Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an isolating activity.  Invite your friends over! Who knows, they may want to adopt some of the clothes you don’t wear anymore.  I recently went to a clothing swap party filled with great friends, racks upon racks of clothing, savory bites, and wine.  By the end of it I left with a pair of shoes, a totally glamorous necklace, and a few cool shirts.  When you’ve made Spring cleaning into a party, you know you’re doing it right!

Spring cleaning gives us all the opportunity to rid our closets of items we haven’t worn in years and create space for items we’ll inevitably want to buy.

Take a look at your closet and think of the big picture.  Do you have all of your basics?  The white cotton poplin button down shirt, your comfy pairs of jeans, your casual tees and tanks, your loungewear, your show-stopping little black dress, and your versatile short jackets?

Then evaluate your statement pieces.  What could take your look to the next level?  For me it’s always something pink, something with sequins, and recently, something leather!

You don’t have to be an organization freak to love Spring cleaning.  I finally got tired of stepping over a mound of shoes and so I invested in a large shoe rack and it practically changed my world!  Seeing the floor with nothing scattered on it is truly a satisfying and cathartic experience!

This July I’m going to my brother’s engagement party and I’m going to need the perfect summer dress.  I love pastels for summer and I can never go wrong with a sweetheart neckline.  I’m putting a huge emphasis on color this season.  I’m craving anything soft pink, sky blue, or violet. My go-to silhouette is anything at the halfway point between bodycon and flare.  The best silhouettes are the ones that lay smoothly against the body without squishing it or hiding it.

The hunt is on for my favorite Spring items, and now I’ll have room in my closet for them! What are some of your favorite Spring cleaning tips?


Natural Ways to Comfort a Hangover and Hide it in Style

For some of us who may have made too much liberal use of the Sunday bottomless mimosa brunch concept, Monday mornings can be an even bigger hassle than usual.

Here are a few natural ways you can comfort your suffering, hungover self:

  1. Sip on some peppermint tea

2. Add some ginger

3. Get a Vitamin C boost with Orange Juice

4. Opt for foods high in potassium like bananas, avocados, potatoes, and spinach

5. Drink tons of water

If none of that works, your next option for curing your hangover is “pretending” your hangover is cured.  How do we pretend?  We dress to impress, instead of dressing the way we feel!  Adding some color to your look will distract from the darkness you feel inside.  Big circular shades are not only super trendy, but also super convenient to hide dark circles under your eyes.



Accessorize with your Favorite Spring Items

Spring is an exciting time because it means more days wine touring, more open toe sandals, more floppy hats as protection from the sun, and more summery, youthful colors.

My go-to wine touring look always includes something girly (pink floral dress/pink handbag), something elegant and classy (wide-brimmed beach hat), and something fresh for Spring (light blue open-toe sandals).

I like to believe that what we wear is a reflection of our inner beauty.  In the Spring and Summer we wear light, airy colors to reflect the joy we feel about the warm weather.  In the Winter months we wear dark, bold colors to reflect our desire to hide ourselves from the harsh weather (unless you live in California!)

Here’s a collection of some essential accessories every woman needs for Spring!  Underneath your piles of Winter clothes, hopefully you can pull out some of your favorite light accessories because sometimes a blast from the past is exactly what you need to revitalize and inspire your style in the future!




Beer Takes Over Once Again: Beer Yoga is Now a Thing

screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-12-34-03-pmMy last article was about the invention of shower beer.  Now open your minds to yoga beer. While it might seem like a weird idea, it’s a simple concept to explain.  You drink beer while doing yoga.



Some people may say that there is nothing better than drinking a cold beer at the end of the day to unwind.  Some people swear by yoga as their zen enhancer.  Looks like we’ve now got a meeting of the minds, at least in Germany and Australia where beer yoga is an actual thing!

The founder of Beer Yoga, Jhula, takes this concept very seriously:  “We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.”

Sounds good to me, I’m in!  Are you?

Personally, I think I reach my highest level of consciousness when I’m shoe shopping.  I’ve also been known to get a burst of creativity and an influx of brilliant ideas when I’m drinking wine, so…

Who wants to invent wine and shoe shopping?





Taking a Shower Just got a Whole Lot Better for Adults


Photos courtesy of PangPang/Snask

Say the word “pre-drink” to any person in their twenties and they will understand.  A pre-drink lets you drink at someone’s home before venturing out to the bars for a night.  Now imagine, a pre-drink to the pre-drink.  As you’re taking a shower to get ready for your pre-drink why not start the fun early while you’re all wet and soapy and alone?

A Swedish brewery and creative firm have collaborated to introduce a shower beer that is a 10% pale ale.  It comes in a small 6 ounce bottle that is meant to be drank in just a few sips.  If that’s too much for you, don’t worry it doubles as a hair conditioner.

The shower beer sold out at the launch party.  Apparently, opposites attract: an ice cold beer tastes great in a steaming hot shower.  The success of the initial launch has made the company consider US distribution so perhaps we’ll all be drinking beer in the shower before we know it!


Bachelor Highlights from this Week’s Premiere Episode

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-10-56-09-amFor every season of the bachelor there are always THOSE people who say, “I don’t know why I’m watching this,” as they’re sitting there in their pajamas on the couch drinking red wine and eating pizza.  Then there are THOSE who will say, “That’s it, I can’t take it anymore, I’m not watching this season!” And then of course by mid-season they’re back into it.  The Bachelor is pretty hard to escape if you keep up with pop culture news sites, watch TV, or have friends!

So for any of you trying to resist the Bachelor, here’s just a quick update of what you missed episode 1.

A dolphin trainer dressed up in a shark costume, but thought she was a dolphin.

More than half the women wore red dresses.

Nick looked hotter than ever.

We already have a villain; her name is Corinne.

The token Canadian is Vanessa Grimaldi; she’s from Montreal, Quebec.  Nick definitely has a thing for her.

My prediction of who he’ll choose: Vanessa Grimaldi.



How to Make the RIGHT Kind of Resolutions

img_0543Does anyone else feel like it was 2004 just yesterday? Hopefully while you were soaking up the rays on your holiday vacation, you were also pondering the new year and what you can do to make it better!  The numbers might be moving forward but one thing that unfortunately often stays the same is the number of resolutions that go unsuccessful each year.  People have an innate tendency to see the future positively and to look at things as being easier to do at a later time in the future, like when we say we’ll exercise tomorrow…you know the drill! But the best thing we can realize now, is that the best time to do something is…NOW! not tomorrow!  Everyone’s guilty of procrastinating at one time or another, but there are things we can do to prevent our procrastination.

So what’s the secret to making resolutions that will actually stick?  No, you don’t have to shy away from the ones you really want, instead you need to make your resolutions small enough to be manageable.

Break it Down

Think of all your goals in terms of small pieces.  Break down your goals.  Don’t get stuck fearing the immensity.

Get There in Steps

Set specific tasks to reach each one.  The more specific you are, the better.

This year when asked what my resolutions were, I realized that I didn’t take time to think of anything specific beforehand so I did so after.  Every day of the year I take note of the skills I need to acquire, the ones I want to perfect, and the ones I’m working on every day.

In college I had one year where I was on the best sleeping schedule.  I went to bed at 9:30-10pm and woke up between 5-6am.  It was my most productive year, and now…I want it back!  To start, I’ll be less extreme.  Going to bed at 11pm and waking up at 7am is where I’ll start.

Stay Organized: Make Lists

As the work week begins make a general list of the tasks you want to accomplish each day and a timeline for doing so.  While breaking the days into hour increments will normally suffice, never shy away from getting even more specific.  Time is of the essence.

Envision your Goal Long Term, but Focus on it in the Short Term

There’s a fine line between overwhelming yourself with the future and seeing it clearly enough to stay focused on your goals long term.  When you set a goal, try to envision not only successfully completing the goal but making it last.  Reaching goals takes active attention in the short term, and a clear vision for the long term.

Know Going into it that you WILL Falter…but don’t Turn it into a Complete Fail

Ever heard of the “What the Hell Effect?”  It has been noted that when people cheat or do something they say they won’t, (i.e. they eat a bag of chips when they know they told themselves they wouldn’t), people will often cheat even more because they have the mindset, “Well, I already cheated so I might as well keep going…but I’ll start fresh tomorrow.”

SCREW the “What the Hell Effect!”  Even if you falter a bit, don’t make it worse! Recognize it, and stop it in its tracks.

Every year should be a year in which you learn, grow, change, improve yourself, love fiercely, live passionately, and laugh frequently.

Happy 2017!





The New Kind of Detox That Has Everybody Talking


As soon as we hear the word, “detox,” people immediately imagine a fridge filled with vegetable juices, a hungry belly, and maybe even a sauna.  Apparently, processed foods aren’t the only toxins people are discarding.

There is a new trend in town, and that is the “digital detox.”

Unlike the juice detox, a digital detox doesn’t limit your food consumption. Instead, it limits your access to your computers, smartphones, and iPads.  The first question you may ask yourself is, “Why would anyone do this?” Our technological advances are part of what keeps our civilization moving forward.  Our phones make us easily accessible; they act as our GPS, they record our favorite moments via pictures and videos, they give us access to the internet on the run, all of which are benefits we enjoy.  So why refrain?

Studies have shown that refraining from technology can help our posture, allow us to make deeper friendships, improve our memory, help us get more efficient sleep, and give us new and refreshing perspectives.

While many of you might currently be formulating your New Year’s resolutions, perhaps a temporary reduction of technology use should be added to the list.  Each person is unique and will feel this feat differently.  Some individual testers have described the experience as “life-changing.”  While I wouldn’t set the bar that high, at the very least, you may discover something new about yourself or the world!  Why not take this step in the new year!

Don’t let your phones be a conversation killer.  Like chocolate cake, technology is incredible in moderation.






The Pursuit of Thanksgiving Happiness Broken Down into Lists

Happiness comes in many forms.  Tomorrow happiness will be shaped like a turkey for many people, or perhaps even a pumpkin pie.


I’ve gone to two Friendsgiving dinners in the past couple of weeks and both of them had two things in common:

  1. A ton of food
  2. The most sophisticated Fall decor

Tomorrow’s thanksgiving will be slightly different though because there will be two other things on our minds besides the food we eat and the dishes we eat them on.  I’ll be giving thanks for:

  1. the Gilmore Girls four part episode series premiering at midnight
  2. Black Friday sales


Before these events can commence, we need strategies for surviving the meal:

  1. Have a tiny bit of everything
  2. Ditch the before dinner rolls

When you’re in the middle of all the madness, take a deep breath and remember:

  1. Pace yourself, it’s not a race.
  2. Keep your wine glass full.


Make your life easier – what not to wear on Thanksgiving:

  1. Bodycon dress.  Where will the turkey go if you don’t let your stomach breathe?
  2. High-waisted skinny jeans.  You don’t have to go so far as to wear sweatpants, but remember that a stretchy waistband is probably best!

When the meal is over, two things will help you in your overly satisfied state:

  1. Sitting by the fireplace with a green tea in hand
  2. Watching a movie: preferably a cheesy one that starts with a family crisis and ends with a happy family sitting around the table enjoying a holiday dinner.  Bring on the sappiness.





Airport Style Essentials to Keep you Comfortable

With Thanksgiving around the corner most of you will be jetting off somewhere to spend the holiday with family or friends!  While being with family and eating obscene amounts of food you’d never normally eat is the fun part, getting there via flying is the necessary hassle!


There seems to be a common misconception that when you fly, the only way to be comfortable is if you look like you just got out of bed.  I remember a person once telling me that they would laugh at any woman they saw wearing heels in the airport.  Well, I’m definitely a woman that wears heels in the airport.  Just because I’m preparing for a journey through the sky, doesn’t mean I have to throw away my usual “style staples.”

Instead, there are a few style rules I follow when traveling.

  1. Layers: The only thing worse than being too hot on a plane, is being freezing cold on a plane.  I’ve definitely experienced both.  Living in San Francisco has taught me the art of layering.  It can be applied to airport style to give you ultimate comfort every step of your trip.


Alice + Olivia at Saks Fifth Avenue

Alice + Olivia at Saks Fifth Avenue


L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean

Alice + Olivia at Shopbop.com

Alice + Olivia at Shopbop.com

















2. The pants you wear should be comfortable and soft.  Most importantly, whatever you wear should be long enough to cover your entire legs from touching those scratchy plane seats.  While many people choose leggings, a pair of soft flared jeans while give you even more style without compromising your level of comfort.

3. As for shoes, you should be able to walk quickly and efficiently in them.  That being said, there are a ton of heels that can be even more comfortable than flats!









4. A headband to keep your hair tucked comfortably behind your ears is always a plus.



5. Lastly, a cross-body handbag can go a long way when you’re juggling all your luggage.  The more time you can spend with nothing in your hands besides your passport and your plane ticket, the better.  A handbag with a cross-body strap will ensure you’ve always got your important items right on your person.








Find out Why Jimmy Fallon Loves Gilmore Girls

With just 7 more days left until the new episodes of Gilmore Girls premieres, every Gilmore Girls fan is rushing to have a GG marathon in preparation.  It’s been a long 9 years waiting to discover Rory and Lorelei’s fate, especially when it comes to their love lives!

Although almost every guy will claim they don’t watch Gilmore Girls because it’s simply a “chick show” (so not true by the way!), Jimmy Fallon is stepping up and admitting he can’t get enough! Why is this? Because Stars Hollow has some of the funniest and most lovable characters!

He listed out his top four favorite characters (besides Lorelai and Rory of course)!  Luckily we’re going to see all of his favorite characters in the new episodes.

In 4th place is crazy town mayor Taylor!  What’s not to love right?  Between his dorky sweater vests, his wild beard, and his overenthusiastic personality, he’s a true Stars Hollow resident.

In 3rd place we have grumpy Luke.  Did you know that the show was originally going to cast a woman as the diner owner, but last minute they decided they needed more men in the cast! A Gilmore Girls without the Lorelai and Luke relationship would have never been the same!

In 2nd place we have a character that makes us feel less socially awkward in comparison.  Kirk! Jimmy Fallon claims Kirk is the best actor ever.   Apparently, he’s going to be dining with the Gilmores in Hartford in the new episodes but we’ll have to wait to find out why!

Finally, in the number 1 spot, Jimmy chose Paris! He said he loves her for her brain.  We’re guessing that her crazy, brainiac ways will return in the new episodes!  Check out the hilarious Jimmy clip!


Election Day Chaos Calls for Organization at Home

When everything is so disorganized, it calls for a little organization in your life…starting with your closet.  After you head to the polls and cast your vote, whether you’re filled with a sense of clarity, confusion, or worry, there’s no better way to de-stress than cleaning up the mess that you live with every day in your home.


After a long time of hating the pile of shoes taking up the entire floor of my closet, I finally ordered a shoe rack and did some much-needed organization.  Now I can actually step into my closet instead of admiring it from afar.

While achieving organization in a small apartment is sometimes tricky due to the sheer lack of space to store your items, it is possible.  All you have to do is think strategically and build upwards.  While I hope to one day need a shoe rack as high as a skyscraper to store all my high heels, this shoe rack with five shelves was a good start!  I actually added another shelf by extending two bars downwards so that the floor acted as another shelf, instead of having the bottom shelf sit right on the floor.  (Sure, this was an accident due to a building error that I was too lazy to go back and fix, but oh well it worked out for the best!)

When you’re staring at the heap of shoes lying messy on your closet floor, the thought of buying more shoes can make you a little tense!  After organizing my shoes on this shoe rack I discovered something great. There are three spots left on top, perhaps for a few new pairs of Fall’s hottest booties?  Jeffrey Campbell is definitely high on the list with all the pink booties they’ve debuted this season!

When everything’s lined up it’s easy to see the trends in your style choices.  It’s easier to see what you have and what you’re missing.  Organizing your closet should be a clear choice. Unfortunately, after having to make a Sophie’s choice in this election, you can now actually make a good one at home, with the only consequence being happiness and admiration for your newly improved living space!





Why Business Trips are Never Just about the Business


Last week I took a business trip to Chicago for a trade show.  Not only was I probably the youngest one there, I was also the only one in the room wearing pink.  Most people probably think that business trips are about the work.  Let me show you how they’re not!

I may have talked to 5 or 6 people about the business, the products, or my role in the company, but I told about 20 people that I bought my shoes from Aldo.  A trade show gives you the opportunity to show off your style to a wider audience than the usual set number of coworkers in your office.  I may have shook hands with 30 new business men that I met, but the photo-op didn’t start until I met the man in a gorilla suit.


Business trips are about the city.  Taking an all expense paid trip to Chicago, a city I’d been wanting to visit, was half the fun!  A business trip takes you away from sitting behind your computer screen all day long.  This is when life happens.  New city means new dining experiences.  In Chicago, we ate at an amazing restaurant called Joe’s.  After all, you know your restaurant is good when you look over and see A-Rod dining at the table next to you.  True story!

The best part about a quick trip is the size of your luggage!  There’s something to be said about being able to get off a plane and head straight to the exit with just your carry-on.  This trip I was lucky enough to sit beside an ex-con on my way to Chicago.

But the real party started the next day at 3:00pm when we had a late lunch with cocktails.  Before dinner the party continued with drinks at our hotel, The Hyatt (we were really slumming it).  The party kept going with bottles of wine at dinner.  The party ended just after we finished our late-night drinks. I’d say all in all it was a productive day of…work.

The next morning we ate breakfast at our hotel.  I have to admit it was a little weird drinking orange juice that didn’t have champagne in it, but at least it was fresh-squeezed.

On the way to the airport I was sad to be leaving, but happy to know I was getting out of the city before the madness of the Cubs game began!  Little did I know the adventure wasn’t over yet! Just minutes before boarding the plane to fly home, I watched another plane’s engine explode into flames and black smoke on the tarmac.  There’s nothing like watching another plane on fire minutes before stepping onto your own plane.  Luckily the gin martinis from the previous night were still keeping me mellow.

While the “business” trip went by way too quickly, it sure was great!  And now I can tell people that every time I visit Chicago, the Cubs win the World Series!










The Hardest Gilmore Girls Quiz You’ll Ever Take

In honor of Gilmore Girls premiering in exactly one month, take the hardest Gilmore Girls quiz ever!  Lets preface by saying that even if you only get 1 or 2 answers right, that’s still awesome and you’re probably a huge fan!  Now that we’re so close to the new episodes premiering, everyone is calling themselves super fans; lets see who truly is one!  And don’t even think about cheating!


1. When Jess arrives in Stars Hollow in season 2, what color vest is he wearing when he gets off the bus?

a) red

b) blue

c) black

d) grey

2. In season 3 episode 1, when Lorelai and Luke are in a fight, Lorelai enters the diner and introduces herself as a new customer named:

a) Veronika

b) Lizzie

c) Lory

d) Mimi

3. When Richard Gilmore goes to Luke’s to eat breakfast with Lorelai in season 2, Richard insists that Lorelai orders:

a) a pickle

b) an orange

c) a grapefruit

d) a side of scrambled eggs

4. In order to get Richard to stop nagging her to order this breakfast item in question 3, Lorelai goes up to Luke and asks him to buy her one, and says “preferably one that tastes like a…”

a) burger

b) donut

c) cookie

d) french fry

5. In the first season, before Kirk was known as Kirk, he first introduced himself to Lorelai as:

a) Mick

b) Rick

c) Victor

d) Louis

6. Who introduces Paris Gellar to Professor Fleming?

a) Emily Gilmore

b) Lorelai Gilmore

c) Doyle

d) Richard Gilmore

7. In season 7 when Lorelai tells Rory the story about the first time she had a pop tart growing up, she mentioned that she was at which friend’s house:

a) Lisa

b) Sherry

c) Michelle

d) Erika

8. What is the name of the maid that sues Emily Gilmore for wrongful termination:

a) Rosa

b) Francie

c) Gerta

d) Annabelle

9. In season 3 Lorelai goes fishing and brings fish home with her at the end of the day.  What does she name the fish:

a) Lorelai Gilmore

b) Cindy

c) Madonna

d) Jane Mansfield

10. In Season 3 we meet some of Sherry’s friends.  When Sherry goes into premature labor, what is the name of the friend who calls Rory to tell her to go to the hospital?

a) Olivia Rose

b) Maureen Rollins

c) Casey Richter

d) Shira Roman

11.  In season 6, T.J. sends construction workers upstairs and they see Lorelai naked.  Lorelai tells Luke about it.  How many people saw her naked?

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6

d) 3

12.  What were the names of the guys that saw her naked?

a) Joe, Pete, Slim, Billy, Teddy

b) Rocko, George, Max, Doug

c) Pete, Michael, Roger, Nick, Alex

d) James, Doug, Joe, Felix, Mark, Nate

13. When Rory joins the DAR in season 6, she agrees to be Emily’s spy in the place because Emily thinks that one woman is trying to take over.  What is the name of the woman Emily doesn’t like?

a) Rita

b) Constance

c) Angela

d) Rosetta

14. In season 5, Rory and Logan steal a boat.  In season 6, Paris Gellar tells Rory that the boat belongs to who?

a) Daniel Zimmerman

b) Michael Rosenthal

c) Alex Bacchus

d) Tony Fielding

15. In season 7, Lorelai goes back into Luke’s diner after not going there for almost a year after Luke and Lorelai split up.  Kirk says he marked it in his calendar the last time she was in the diner.  He says that day was:

a) June 2, 2006

b) May 25, 2005

c) May 22, 2006

d) June 5, 2005

If you got 0 answers correct: Don’t worry you’re probably still a huge Gilmore Girls fan, but maybe you should do another Gilmore Girls marathon before the new episodes premiere.

If you got 1-5 answers correct: Congrats! You know a freakishly large amount of useless Gilmore Girls trivia!  Time to get excited for the new episodes to premiere!

If you got 6-10 answers correct: Wow! You’re either a great guesser, or you’ve spent a lot of weekends marathoning Gilmore Girls!  Looks like you’re all ready for the new episodes to premiere!

If you got 11-14 answers correct: Hello Lorelai!  You know more about Gilmore Girls than the Gilmore Girls themselves!! Your attention to detail is spectacular!  Looks like you’ve watched Gilmore Girls more than 100 times!!

If you got all 15 questions correct: Are you the producer of the show?  Seriously, you either work for the show in some capacity or are truly Gilmore Girls’ number one fan!! Congrats superstar!

Share the quiz with friends and see who is truly a Gilmore Girl! Now that you know you’re a Gilmore Girls fanatic, show it off with some Gilmore Girls merchandise. Available to purchase from Etsy, Urban Outfitters, and Macy’s.


1 b), 2 d), 3 c), 4 b), 5 a), 6 d), 7 d), 8 c), 9 d), 10 b), 11 b), 12 a), 13 b), 14 a), 15 c)




Tips for Enjoying the Final Presidential Debate

  1. Get Comfortable.  There’s something oddly satisfying about being comfy on your couch with a blanket over you while watching a comedy show that unfortunately is real life.
  2. Drink..in whatever form you can get it.  When listening to craziness and absurdity, it always helps to take the edge off with an alcoholic beverage.


3. Drinking isn’t enough.  Turn it into a drinking game in order to keep the situation light.  Here are the rules:

Take a drink whenever:

a) Trump interrupts Clinton

b) Clinton smiles

c) Trump says “WRONG” “Fraud” “Terrible” “Alex Baldwin” “Bill Clinton” “Rigged”

And if at any time you start to feel yourself agreeing with Donald Trump, guzzle your entire beverage and keep going until you come to your senses.


All jokes aside, enjoy the madness!


J. Molly





Five More Reasons to Love Emma Stone

…as if we didn’t have enough.

The beautiful, 27 year old Emma Stone has stolen the limelight in all our favorite comedies like Crazy, Stupid, Love, The House Bunny, Easy A, and many more, but it turns out that her off camera personality is just as quirky and cute as her on-camera personas.


In Emma Stone’s Vogue’s 73 Questions Interview, we got to learn some unique things about her.

  1. She cried in front of Tom Hanks when she met him.  Understandable.
  2. French fries and brussel sprouts are her favorite things to eat!  Weird combination, but I’d say I totally agree!
  3. She has the cutest dog ever! Seriously! AND, she likes to dress him up in a rain coat.
  4. Her impersonation of Britney Spears is incredible! …even if it only lasted for two seconds!  
  5. According to some, she looks like a fish inside a chicken, smoking a cigarette.  But she doesn’t seem to mind!

Check out the full interview here.


J. Molly


Your Style Guide for Weekend Brunches



To brunch or not to brunch…is never the question! Of course we brunch! Three years ago my time spent with friends usually revolved around choosing a bar, restaurant, or mall to spend our time together.  I didn’t realize that I would soon discover one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with friends…that is, over a table full of breakfast food, bottomless mimosas, and sometimes, a picture perfect view!

When dressing for this indulgent occasion, it’s nice to pull out all your feminine duds and those classy pieces you borrowed from your grandmother.  From the wide-brimmed hat you have stashed somewhere at the back of your closet to the floral dress that makes you nostalgic for your childhood dress-up days, dressing for a friendly brunch is a fashionista’s and a girly-girl’s dream!

Brunch Style List:

Wide-brimmed hat:

American Eagle

American Eagle


Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Floral dress:




Fendi at Neiman Marcus

Fendi at Neiman Marcus





J. Molly

Celebrating DIY and Creativity at Brit+Co’s Re:Make Festival

On a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco, 1000’s of people gathered at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion for the annual Re:Make festival put on by Brit + Co.  While arts and crafts are fun, I was drawn to the event for another reason.  Anyone who regularly trolls youtube for awesome female covers, has probably come across a cover or two by Madilyn Bailey!  She opened with her cover of popular cover of Titanium and then proceeded with some of her originals!

mb mb2 mb3

Besides loving her voice, her pink bomber jacket was also pretty awesome!  Here’s where you can buy one that’s similar:

H&M $39.99

H&M $39.99

After the great performance, it was a blast checking out all the goods.  From delicate jewelry to cool party decorations and more, there was a lot of cool items to sift through.  I came across two t-shirts that were all too real and and sometimes too true!

tshirt tshirt1

All in all if you missed it this year, you definitely want to keep Re:make 2017 in mind!


J. Molly


Your Weekend Pick-Me-Up Starts at Home

Every now and then all of us could use an infusion of positivity in our lives.  Surrounding ourselves with awesomeness and reminders of our awesomeness is a new trend that more of us should embrace!

I looked through pages and pages of Urban Outfitter’s home goods to find these inspiring gems!

While coffee is a great way to inspire good vibes in the morning, a pillow could help as well!

Urban Outfitters

When you’re standing in front of the mirror in the morning after waking up, a time when you’re you’re most visually vulnerable, a bath mat compliment couldn’t hurt!

Urban Outfitters

Light up your life with this inspirational LED box lamp.  When you strive for the best, you should achieve the best!

Urban Outfitters

And we’re back to another complimentary bath mat!  People say we’re a product of our environment.  Keep your feet warm and comfy when you step on the flawless mat.

Urban Outfitters

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


J. Molly



Why Making Lists Makes us More Productive


Every morning one of my favorite traditions is making a list of everything I want/need to accomplish that day.  Sometimes, the night before when my mind is racing and I can’t fall asleep, I’ll pre-plan the next day’s list and just add or moderate it the next morning.  I open up one of the many journals I own, sit there with music playing and plan my days.

Step one includes brainstorming and making the list.

Step two involves prioritizing and putting the items in order starting with the items I want to accomplish first.

Step three involves creating a timeline and allotting a realistic amount of time to finish each item on the list.

Step four involves starring the ones that are super vital!

Step five is one of the most fun steps: crossing off the items as they’re completed!  You know you love this too! 😉

While list makers may be commonly thought of as “nerds” or “geeks” or “organize freaks,” I assure you I am not an organized freak, and yet I love making lists!  Yes, everyone has their Google Calendars for the big stuff and the works meetings, etcetera, but what about planning out the smaller daily accomplishments, the tasks that we could easily ignore or forget about if not reminded to do them.

Making lists helps us be more productive because they help us breakdown everything we have to do so that we aren’t overwhelmed with a haze of floating tasks fighting for space in our minds. Making lists can also help us set our expectations for how much we can get done and how quickly everything needs to be completed.

Deadlines are great motivators.  Giving each task on your list a deadline helps increase productivity because you’re striving towards a goal that needs to be met!  While lists may also point out the overwhelming number of tasks there are to do, you can enjoy rewarding feedback along the way as you make your way through the list crossing off each item one by one.

To make all of your lists you’re going to want to start by buying some adorable notebooks like this Kate Spade monogramed notebook.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

If you’re looking for something a bit funkier, your solution is ombre!  This comes in a variety of colors!

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

Notebooks that point out the obvious are cool, as long as they’re dressed up in pretty colors, just like this pink and gold one!



And then there are the journals that just make you say “awww” every time you see them, like this panda stud.



Then there are the cold, hard, truth journals.  After all, journalling is serious business, so you need serious inspiration to make the magic happen!













Once you finish reading this article, I suggest you start making those lists to increase your productivity, thereby increasing your happiness!


J. Molly


5 Ways to Combat the Post-Vacation Blues


There’s only a few times a year when Tuesdays are dreaded more than Mondays, and that is after long weekends!  Our bodies are used to the weekly Friday night to Sunday night leisure, but when we add in an extra day of fun, we’re thrown for a loop.

There are several ways people can buffer the transition from fun to work with minimal “post-vacation blues.”  It starts with being mindful and transitioning slowly.

  1. Pick out a great back to work outfit.  Something that covers your awkward tan lines, but something colorful to show that you’re not letting the impending cold Fall weather get to you!
    Moda Operandi

    Moda Operandi

    Theory at Net-a-Porter

    Theory at Net-a-Porter









2. Drink lots of water in the morning.  Whether you drank the weekend away with yummy cocktails on a beach somewhere, or just had boozy brunch in the city with friends, water is your friend when it comes to making your body feel refreshed and ready to conquer the short work week.

3. Speaking of which, remember that it is a SHORT work week! It’s already Tuesday?  Before you know it the week will be halfway done?  When combatting your post-vacation blues, your mind is the biggest part of it!

4. Make the transition into work, work, work, slowly.  I don’t mean be sluggish Tuesday morning, I mean plan something to look forward to after work on Tuesday: nothing crazy, just something to look forward to like yoga, dinner, Netflix and chill, whatever! You just had three days of fun that you were probably looking forward to for a while.  Now all of a sudden you’re back at work with nothing to think about but your impending meetings, and the ton of work you have scheduled.  So transition slowly by giving yourself something to look forward to after work, but nothing that takes up too much energy, after all vacations may be fun, but they’re not always restful!

5. Last but not least, post pictures of your long weekend adventures on your social media! Even though it’s Tuesday, it doesn’t mean you have to automatically forget about your fun adventures.  Use the memories of fun to help get you through your first day back.


J. Molly

5 Reasons Nick Viall was the Best Choice to be the Next Bachelor

FINALLY!  Producers of the Bachelor made one extremely right move making Nick Viall our next bachelor.  The past few seasons some of us have somewhat questioned their decisions when it came to choosing our next bachelor or bachelorette.  After Emily Maynard’s season in 2012, I couldn’t stand it when Arie was not chosen to be the next bachelor.  Since then, many of the guys just seemed to blend into a haze of hot, athletic, sexy, tall, dark and handsome young men. And then there was Nick.  The guy I watched get his heart broken in front of millions of viewers on National television not once, but twice!!  The guy who fell in love with Andi, then fell in love Kaitlyn, then was rejected by them both at the last possible minute.

Here’s a list of why Nick Viall was the best choice to capture America’s hearts in his journey to find “the one”:

  1. Obviously, the one main reason is the fact that he was the runner-up on the bachelorette…twice! He was rejected by Andi, then he courageously jumped into Kaitlyn’s season where he even ended up picking out a ring! In one moment he thought he was proposing, in the next moment he realized he wasn’t going to get that chance.

2. He bravely put his heart out there searching for love.  How many of us shy away from this because we’re scared?!  He not only didn’t shy away, he did it with cameras rolling, catching every moment of it!  We commend you, man!

3. On this past season of Bachelor in Paradise, his occupation was noted as, “runner-up.”  The poor guy’s identity has been boiled down to extremely hurtful moments in his life: public rejection.

4. Even when people tried to convince us that he was the villain, many of us didn’t believe it!  He was always very open and honest with his intentions.

5. He’s not just another pretty face; he’s funny and passionate.  And ok, his body is off the charts! Just check out his arms and his abs.

Courtesy of US Magazine

Courtesy of US Magazine, Credit: Gloss Photography Studios by Jaci Ruben

It’s time for Nick’s tagline not to read, “runner-up” but instead, “happily married.”


J. Molly

Which Gilmore Girls Character are You?

Here’s how this works.  Answer these ten simple questions as accurately as possible to figure out which Gilmore Girls character is your personality doppelganger.  The weird, quirky characters of Stars Hollow have some weird habits, but don’t we all?  Each time you answer a) you get 1 point, b) is 2 points, c) is 3 points, d) is 4 points, e) is 5 points, and f) is 6 points.  Add up your points to figure out your final score.  Enjoy!

  1. Which food do you prefer?

a) pancakes

b) licorice

c) cereal

d) melba toast

e) salmon puffs

f) turkey with a pancetta chestnut stuffing

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.39.55 PM

2. Which best describes your typical style of dating?

a) I hate dating

b) you have to date a lot of people in order to find the right one

c) screw dinner dates, let’s jump right to the sex and just save the calories (Tinder’s your best friend)

d) no sex til marriage

e) a lady mustn’t be overeager; the guy should ask me out and take me to a nice, respectable restaurant

f) I fell in love with one person, and I can’t wait to spend my life with him

3. Which of the following music do you prefer?

a) The Go Go’s

b) anything by Madonna

c) anything I can dance to

d) The Jam

e) anything Classical

f) anything sad and depressing

4. Which of the following best describes your sense of style?

a) I want to be comfortable and put together.  Respectable, but not overly flashy.

b) Anything with glitter, furry, pink, or sparkly.

c) pant suits all the way

d) rock n roll t-shirts and ripped jeans

e) dresses, women’s skirt suits, elegant beading, rich colors, and conservative silhouettes

f) pigtails and patterns

5. Which of the following best describes your Friday night?

a) dinner then netflix and chill with all the candy, popcorn, and pizza you can eat

b) just dinner with the fam jam

c) watching C-span, doing work until the wee hours of the morning, and taking the occasional break to do some crafts

d) rocking out with your band, or just listening to music wishing you were in a band

e) happy hour, dinner, after dinner drinks, read a book, then go to bed

f) in the kitchen making dinner for my friends or family

6. Friends describe you as:

a) smart

b) ball of energy

c) intense

d) fun and edgy

e) sophisticated and old fashion

f) talented, yet a little quirky

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.15.55 PM

7. Which of the following drinks do you prefer?

a) tequila slammer

b) gin martini with a twist

c) I have no time to drink

d) beer

e) white wine

f) whichever wine pairs best with my dinner

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 8.14.55 PM

8. Your dessert/junk food of choice is:

a) sugar cereal or pop tarts

b) chocolate covered marshmallows

c) salt and vinegar chips

d) chocolate bar

e) creme brulee

f) chocolate cake

9.  Your dream career or current career is:

a) a writer/journalist

b) hopsitality

c) doctor

d) musician/performer

e) stay at home mom/wife

f) chef/baker/party planner

10.  On a Saturday during the day, people can find you:

a) doing homework

b) at work

c) volunteering

d) playing in a band/rocking out to your favorite music with friends

e) brunching with the ladies

f) cooking/baking

(10-16 pts) = HELLO Rory!, (16 – 20 pts) = Sup Lorelai?(21 – 30 pts) = Paris!, 

(31-40 pts) = you rock Lane!, (41-50 pts) = sophisticated Emily!(51-60 pts) = quirky Sookie!