Inspiring Fashion Quotes to Warm every Fashionista’s Soul

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe
I don’t know about you, but the success of my day is very much so dependent on the shoes I’m wearing! Let’s dig a little a deeper into why.  High heels help your posture; having good posture makes you look confident.  Looking confident makes you feel confident.  Feeling confident lets you conquer the world.  See the progression?

‘Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.’ – Audrey Hepburn
There are times I make my style edgy, there are times I want to be bohemian, there are times I want that wild grunge style, and then there are those nights I go for elegance.  These are the best nights.

‘One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.’ – Karl Lagerfeld
Enough said.

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’ – Coco Chanel
What I like to say along the same line is, “If you ever doubt your uniqueness, you’re failing to see your beauty.” – Me
Being different is fun, embrace it!


‘I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.’ – Lady Gaga
This is one of my favorites.  My belief in the power of sequins never usually went past its power to hold my attention and bring a smile to my face.  But the way Lady Gaga puts it, makes embracing the sequin, a lot more meaningful, and I love it!
‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’ – Rachel Zoe
This was actually my go-to reason for why I loved fashion so much growing up!  Spoken words sometimes fail me, but that’s okay because the style I project can be much more powerful.  It’s similar to that common saying, “actions speak louder than words.”  I think style is an action we all take, with every choice we make saying at least something about our personalities, mood, or motivations.
‘Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.’ – Orson Welles
The most important part of this quotation is the “…not giving a damn.”  We all hope to create a style that’s attractive and puts us in a positive light, but at the end of the day, you can’t please everyone, and the only person you should care about pleasing when it comes to your personal style, is yourself!  Not giving a damn, is crucial!
‘To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.’ – Marc Jacobs
Self-expression is one of those topics that is close to my heart.  The best kinds of self-expression come in many different forms.  Self-expression through style, writing, dancing, skating, and how you treat others, are just a few examples of how we can express who we are by how we act and carry ourselves.
‘I can’t concentrate in flats.’ – Victoria Beckham
Who can? Seriously. I revert back to my statement about posture.  Once you have that great posture, and extra touch of height, and you’re feeling like a million bucks because you look like it, then it’s time to get down to business!  Leave the flats at home my friend.
‘Men tell me that I’ve saved their marriages. It costs them a fortune in shoes, but it’s cheaper than a divorce’ – Manolo Blahnik.

‘Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.’ – Betsey Johnson
Thank you! I’m glad someone finally said this. Whether I dress conservatively or wear something revealing, ultimately I’m wearing it for me. If others like it, great. If they don’t, who cares? Dress for yourself.


J. Molly


Is Lorelai Gilmore Preggo? *Gilmore Girls update*

Okay, so the internet’s been going crazy over this one picture featured below.

While coffee, pop tarts, and the newspaper are all very much staples in Lorelai Gilmore’s life, an apple is NOT! In the fifth season when Sookie is about to give birth in the hospital, Lorelai Gilmore eats an apple and enjoys it!  Then she starts freaking out because the only other time in her life when she wanted an apple and enjoyed an apple was when she was pregnant with Rory!

Gilmore Girls Instagram

Gilmore Girls Instagram

So what seems to be the consensus?  Do you think Lorelai is pregnant?  While Scott Patterson who plays Luke Danes, Lorelai’s love interest, reveals that he is in fact together with Lorelai, he remained pretty close-lipped about any other details.  But when asked about the pregnancy, he didn’t say no!  He also didn’t say yes, but hey at least keep the hope alive, right?!

There’s less than four months until we find out the answer! Gilmore Girls premieres on Netflix on November 25th!


J. Molly

It’s Been 15 Years Since Elle Woods Made her Sparkly Debut

15 years ago I learned to embrace my love for the color pink.  After all, if Elle Woods can be taken seriously dressed in a hot pink suit and sparkly pink high heels, than why can’t we all right?


I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since Legally Blonde was released.  Although I pride myself in being original, I won’t deny the fact that Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods is one of my all time fav fashionable movie icons that I’ve admired since I was young.  That movie reminded me that you can never have too many sparkles, never wear too much pink, and people should never judge someone based on their appearance!

Lets celebrate the 15 year anniversary by shopping for these pink must-haves!  I definitely think Elle Woods would approve!  Afterall, “whoever said orange was the new pink, was seriously disturbed!” ~Elle Woods


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.32.07 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.34.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.35.41 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.37.40 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.38.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.39.20 PM


J. Molly

Mara Hoffman Off-the-Shoulder Striped Crinkled-Voile Playsuit • Mara Hoffman • $236
Prada Saffiano Lux Micro Tote Bag w/Shoulder Strap, Pink (Begonia) • Prada • $1,290
Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Patent Leather Ballet Flats • Salvatore Ferragamo • $158–525
La Bohème Rose Gold White/Pink • Cluse • $74.99
Layne Ruched Sheath Dress • Diane von Furstenberg • $184
Gucci Soho Leather Shoulder Bag • Gucci • $495–1,650
Ray-Ban Mirrored Flash Aviator Sunglasses • Ray-Ban • $165

Hot Boho Chic Style for Summer in a Few Fast and Simple Steps

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.36.26 AM

It’s another sunny day in June.  When I want to cut back on the time it takes for me to get ready in the morning and leave my place, I follow a few simple steps.

First: I slip on a comfy, boho chic dress.  This summer my go-to would be a lacy, off-the-shoulder dress.

Second: I grab two pieces of the chunky jewelry displayed across my dresser.  Either all silver or all gold.  For a boho chic look I usually go with silver.

Third: I choose the sandals that slip on and off easily.

Fourth: Add mascara and lip balm and nothing else.

Fifth: I scrunch up my hair with Marc Anthony’s Dream Waves Beach Spray for perfect beachy wavy hair.

Sixth: Grab my Ray Bans.

Ta-da! I’m ready for another hot summer day!

The Best Movies to Watch with your Mom on Mother’s Day

Ordering in dinner and watching a movie with your mom always sounds like a great idea until your sitting in front of the TV wondering what movie to watch and desperately reading reviews.

My first tip to you: Check the rating on the movie and avoid “R” rated movies.  There’s nothing like enjoying a good movie with your family until it comes to that point in the movie that shows a scene reminding your mom exactly how she became a mom.  Awkward family times.  We’ve all been there, but here are some great movies that won’t cause any awkward silence.

Travel back in time with these early 2000’s light, happy, and easy-to-watch movies that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

  1. Maid in Manhattan
  2. 13 Going on 30
  3. Nanny Diaries
  4. Legally Blonde
  5. Miss Congeniality

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


J. Molly


A New Study that Wine Lovers will Love!

IMG_0845Every once in a while you come across an article that helps you not feel bad about your lifestyle. Remember when a study came out saying that red wine and chocolate is actually healthy for you? I sure do! Of course, we all rejoice and tell ourselves every time we’re drinking wine by the bottle or throwing back chocolate that we’re actually doing something healthy for ourselves (screw the consequences!)

Well the other day I came across another article like this.  A new study from Harvard shows that having two glasses of red wine before bed may help with weight loss.

So the next time you get the late-night munchies, grab a couple glasses of wine instead! They’ll not only be a tasty treat, but they should also help knock you out for a nice full night’s rest! Who cares if it’s accurate, right?  As long as you can successfully convince yourself that it is! Happy sipping!


J. Molly



5 Things a Night of Dancing will always Turn Into

  1. Drinking becomes a sport.  Who can hold their drink in their hand when dancing while spilling the least.


2. Those yummy cocktails you were drinking earlier in the evening, are slowly replaced by any alcohol you can get quickly poured into a plastic cup.

3. Whatever happened that day, will soon be forgotten when you’re wedged in between 100 other drunk individuals flailing on the dancing floor.

4. By the end of the night, the shoes that you once admired so much only hours ago, soon become your mortal enemy.


5. Regardless of what you were wearing that night, you end up waking up naked the next morning.


J. Molly

Road-Tripping in Style

Last week I took a road trip to Santa Barbara and Newport Beach.  Luckily I wasn’t the one doing the driving, so my biggest concerns were about what I should wear, how I should do my hair, and which sunglasses I should wear.  He held the camera and posed awkwardly in front of the pacific ocean as we drove down the 1 along the coast of California.



I wanted to be comfortable on the long drive.  My black dress from Tobi was perfect because it was lightweight and soft. My obnoxious big black watch weighed down my arm, reflected the sun, and made my look a bit more rugged! I wore a big chunky Stella & Dot bracelet to give my look some much-needed bling!


I could spend hours just admiring the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


Nonchalantly walking along the mountains at the side of the road, posing for pics as my personal photographer snaps some pics.


J. Molly


Trip to Newport Beach: Black Bikini, Sun, and Mimosas


Some say home is where your family is.  Some say home is where you grew up.  Some say home is where you currently live.  I say home is where you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that starts in your heart and spreads through your entire body.  For me, that’s Newport Beach.  It’s beautiful, serene, calm, eventful, fun, and relaxing. This year’s vacation was round two in Newport!

A black bikini, vintage square black sunglasses, sun, palm trees, mimosas, and the immensity of the Pacific Ocean, are all you need for a great vacation!

This is how we roll…no such thing as too many mimosas at Mutt Lynch’s. One of these mimosas is 32oz. They may not be bottomless, but the size of the glass surely gives the illusion that they are!


I think I took too many pictures of palm trees. #westcoastobsession



J. Molly


5 Product Ideas that will Make you Laugh

Need a good heart-warming chuckle to brighten up your long weekend Monday? Here are some product inventions that are maybe a touch clever (in a very weird way), wildly crazy, and most definitely unconventional.

  1. Umbrella Shoes: As a total advocate for protecting our shoes in every way we can, this invention maybe took it a little bit too far.  I admire the attempt, but this is just a little too weird.
Photo Courtesy of Next Shark

Photo Courtesy of Next Shark

2. Smittens: When you’re so smitten with your significant other and you live on the East Coast, you don’t have to decide between holding hands and keeping warm.

Courtesy of Trend Hunter and Oddity Mall

Courtesy of Trend Hunter


Courtesy of Oddity Mall

3. Ramen Hair Protector: I dare anyone to wear this on a date.  If it’s a Tinder date, you’re even more golden.


Photo Courtesy of Steph’s Stuff/Ramen Hair Protector

4. Ostrich Pillow: If only I had known about this when I was in college.  For all you students who have fallen asleep in the library, sitting at a desk, perhaps this product could help you…provided you don’t mind looking a tad silly.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


5. Baby mop: Is this considered baby labor? Let me just try to understand the thought process that probably went into this.  “Babies crawl on the floor anyways, why not make that crawling useful?” or “It’s never too early to teach your kids to do chores?”

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Happy Long Weekend!


J. Molly





How to Make your Super Bowl Party Fun When you Don’t like Football

Going to a Super Bowl party but couldn’t care less about the actual game?  You’re not alone! Here are a few ways you can keep yourself occupied, have a great time, and enjoy the party!

Rely on the excitement of others to help promote your own enthusiasm.  Sometimes it’s not about the activity, it’s about the overall atmosphere.  It’s like when you’re at a club dancing and someone gets super excited when a song they love comes on, and you find yourself feeling that excitement too…even if you’ve never heard the song.


Drink. Knock ’em back my friend.  The more the merrier.  Alcoholic beverages have a miraculous ability to turn a non-fan into a temporary die-hard fan! Just wait, you’ll see!


If you’re still not liking the game, at least you can look forward to the cool commercials. I’m most excited for the Hotline Bling one! If you’re going to pay millions of dollars for 30 seconds of air time, you better make it good right?

And lastly, if you can’t enjoy the game, you can at least look good while you cheer on the team you decided to support two minutes before the game started.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 10.26.29 AM



J. Molly

Melissa McCarthy Not going to be in Gilmore Girls Revival!

I literally have to hold me breath every time I read a Gilmore Girls update.  The only thing scarier than wishing for your dream to come true (Gilmore Girls Revival), is waiting to see if it will be everything I imagined it to be!

Today I read that Melissa McCarthy was not asked to be in the revival! Ah!! And then I read that it was just a miscommunication, and they would love her to be in the revival; they just assumed that she was too busy!

Honestly, Gilmore Girls without Sookie just doesn’t seem like Gilmore Girls. What do you think? Sources say she could maybe do a cameo…and sure that would help…but Lorelai just isn’t Lorelai if she doesn’t have her pigtail-wearing chef best friend force-feeding her kebobs. Am I right?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 7.59.06 PM


Gilmore Girls Aficionado

Make your New Years Goals a Reality not a Future Plan

IMG_0034 copy

Alright, so you’re probably all thinking, your healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits will start January 1st.  Which means your next thought is how many pieces of cake can I shove in my mouth in the final few hours of 2015? Or perhaps you’ll have one more cigarette before you throw the box all away.

But one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years is that if you can’t see yourself making the change in that moment, then you probably won’t stick with it in the future.  It’s easy to make plans and resolutions, and I do think that on some level it’s a good idea because it forces you to keep working towards bettering yourself, but don’t forget to ask yourself, why not right now?! Why don’t I end 2015 the way I want to start 2016?

Here’s to making all your dreams a reality this year! Happy New Year!


J. Molly






Holiday Gifts that will Make your Friends Laugh

Why buy your friends typical, boring gifts when you could get them something that is fun and original, and will give them a good laugh.

For your friend who’s a drinker:

Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

A fool proof wine glass for your friend who spills drinks after having a few too many:

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

For the caffeine-addicted nerd in your life:

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

For your single friend who needs a good laugh:

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

For your single Jewish girl (her mom will love this too):

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.58.19 PM

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The best gifts are the ones that make you smile.  Happy Shopping!


J. Molly





Why being Socially Awkward is more Fun

Great news! Your propensity for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or not knowing what to say at the right time, may not be so bad after all!


You don’t have to rely on other people to make you laugh; you can laugh at yourself. When you trip and fall over your own high heel shoes, you don’t have to feel embarrassed, I’m sure the words coming out of your mouth are much more embarrassing.

An article on A Plus directed me towards a Vsauce video by Michael where he explains how being socially awkward is not all bad! Social awkwardness can actually make you seem more trustworthy and more forgivable.  Socially awkward people are often thought of as kinder and more generous! Yay!

So relax and let your socially awkward personality shine through because it’s saving you from focusing on all the other embarrassing things that you do…like seeing how many beads you can stuff down your shirt at inopportune times.

Model: Thera Pacheco

But friends of socially awkward people, beware!  Appparently our awkwardness is contagious!  Michael explains something called vicarious embarassment, where our awkward behavior can make those around us feel awkward as well.  But hey, why wouldn’t you want to join the party? It’s fun!

All those times you thought to yourself, why did I say that?! or why didn’t I have anything I could have said?! No worries, you’re most likely a really cool person…you just have troubles showing people because you’re too busy being awkward.  The good news is, socially awkward people are more likely to show empathy to others who are going through a hard time.

Your familiarity with feeling awkward, should help you notice when others are feeling the same way, giving you the opportunity to reach out to them and either be awkward together (power in numbers!) or create a social situation that’s less awkward.  My last personal tip from one socially awkward woman to another…try wine… I’m not sure whether it actually makes us less socially awkward, or whether it just makes us forget/not realize how socially awkward we are, but either way it’s a social lubricant worth keeping in your toolbox.

Got any socially awkward friends? Share this article with them to make them realize it’s not that bad!

I think we should all stay loveably awkward.


J. Molly


Weekend Adventure Wine Touring in Napa

IMG_1915 (1)











This past weekend I went wine touring in Napa.  I wore my new pink dress from Tobi and although the shoulders kept falling down and it showed off my behind if I bent over even slightly, it was totally worth it.

We checked out a few different wineries.  Our first stop was Cline, which was an amazing winery.  We tried a few white wines and a few red.  I ended up buying their two of their reds, one of which was a cool climate Syrah that was peppery, smokey, and full-bodied…just how I like it!

Next stop was lunch and then tasting at Cornerstone and Keating wines.  At Keating we tried a ton of reds, took some pics, and enjoyed the sun shining on that beautiful Saturday.  Afterwards we spent some time roaming around Sonoma plaza.  We happened to stumble upon the coolest champagne tasting bar called Sigh.  Their main champagne tasting flight was amazing, and if we had more time I would have bought the second bottle we tried!  Did you hear that there was a study stating that drinking champagne can help fight against Alzheimers and Dementia?  Bring on the flutes!

There’s nothing better than a day filled with friends, wine, champagne, and sunshine.


J. Molly


5 Ways to Take Advantage of your Sleepless Nights

Insomnia is an unwelcome friend to many of us.  It doesn’t have to be all bad.  Take advantage of the quiet peacefulness of the evening hours.  No one’s trying to contact you; not by text, calling, or carrier pigeon.  You have total freedom to get done whatever you want to get done. While you may not have the energy you have during the day, take care of tasks that don’t require as much energy.

Blog – Some of my best ideas come to me at night when I’m sitting in bed, surrounded by nothing but darkness and silence.  Okay, probably not complete silence; I’m probably either listening to the quick witty banter of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore or wishing I was a celebrity with potty-mouth Ari Gold as my agent, but nonetheless, I’m spiritually ready to have all my inspiring ideas hit me at once.  My hands are poised over my laptop, and my brain’s ready for anything but sleep. Take advantage of this “me-time” by writing some of your best articles and promoting your online presence.


Organize your schedule for the week – Organization is key for efficiency.  Having a plan always makes me feel more productive and inspired.  Depending on how much I have to get done, I either make a general list by calendar day or list out tasks on an hourly basis.

Do some online shopping – The mall may close, but online stores are open 24/7.  You work hard during the days, treat yourself at night.  There’s nothing better than having a big box filled with new clothes arrive at your doorstep a few days later.


Read a book for pleasure –  If you’ve ever been a writer, English major or something similar, you know what it’s like to have a pile of books you have to read. When you can’t sleep at night, take that time to read something you really want to read.  It could be something completely frivolous.  Don’t read what you have to read for school or work, read what you want to read.

FullSizeRender (1)

Organize your digital life – What does this mean?  Take some time that you wouldn’t usually take during the day to organize the pictures on your computer so that you can actually find pictures when you want them.  Organize your files and delete any files you don’t need anymore. Clean up your iTunes.

Have a good night not sleeping.


J. Molly

Halloween 2015: Riding back to the 1920’s in Style

This Halloween I went back in time to the 1920’s. As I walked into a fancy restaurant establishment, I couldn’t help but feel natural, like a real flapper in the 1920’s.  Of course, when I sat down and ordered my glass of wine, I was very happy to not actually be in the 1920’s with prohibition laws in place.


IMG_4865 copy

halloween copy

IMG_4339 copy

Happy Halloween!


J. Molly


Gilmore Girls Returns

I interrupt my fashion blog to bring you this very important announcement about the ensuing Gilmore Girls mini-movies that are currently in the works.

If you told me that the sky is raining Chanel bags, chocolate cake is now 0-calories, and Chris Evans is waiting for me in my bed, I think the news of the four 90-minute episodes of Gilmore Girls coming up would still make me slightly happier.

Putting fantasies aside, lets focus on reality.

Gilmore Girls is set to release four 90-minute episodes each of which will cover a season of episodes and one calendar year.

Who’s signed on for it?

Negotiations with the main characters are happening now, but reports say all the main characters are on board, except of course the late Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore), who will be thoroughly missed!

The way I see it, Gilmore Girls has two main story lines they need to clean up after their abrupt season 7 series finale.

First: Luke and Lorelai have to get married.  Obviously.

Second: Rory Gilmore has to pick any one of the three amazing guys she dated throughout the series.  Although I loved her with Logan and wanted her to say yes to the proposal, I would be over the moon if Jess came back!  Have her marry either Logan or Jess, and I’m sure there will not be much uproar from fans. Am I right?

Now let’s just sit back and let the talented creators and actors work their magic!


J. Molly




Pairing your Wine with Fashion and Food

I’ve consulted a wine industry expert, the lovely Chelsea McCormick, wine marketer working for Victorianbourg winery in upstate New York.  Together we’ve created this list of wines that we’ve carefully matched to the perfect meal and the perfect outfit.


Outfit pairing: Pair your merlot with a little black dress.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 5.57.41 PM

Food pairing: rosemary lamb medallions, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans.


Outfit pairing: Refined and elegant

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.56.47 AM

Food pairing: snack on some caviar and/or popcorn if you get the munchies


Outfit pairing: office-wear: pencil skirt, sleeveless turtleneck top, burgandy nails, black high heel booties.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.00.45 AM

Food pairing: lobster and scallops in a garlic butter sauce


Outfit pairing: summer tee dress

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.25.33 AM

Food pairing: garden salad/chef salad with raspberry vinagrette

Pinot grigio

Outfit Pairing: skinny jeans, t-shirt, understated pumps

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.15.41 PM

Food pairing: grilled halibut on top of rice noodles


Outfit pairing: something pink  and classic like a pink dress with pearls

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.32.04 AM

Food pairing: thai food

Sauvignon Blanc

Outfit pairing: funky/daring/grunge

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.51.49 AM

Food pairing: roasted lemon chicken with breaded asparagus

Cabernet Sauvignon

Outfit pairing: sophisticated chic

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 6.16.21 AM

Food pairing: steak with peppercorn sauce and baked sweet potato

Pinot Noir

Outfit pairing: simple and elegant – lace or sheer top

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 5.13.01 PM

Food pairing: salmon on top of a bed of wild rice


Outfit pairing: black leather moto jacket, fringe purse, black thigh high boots

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 5.22.26 PM

Food pairing: classic burger with avocado and sweet potato fries

Cabernet Franc

Outfit pairing: boyfriend jeans with plaid button down shirt

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 5.38.15 PM

Food pairing: spaghetti and meatballs

Thank you to Chelsea for all the wine pairings advice!

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.46.48 PM


To keep up on all the latest wine trends and events check out their Facebook page here:


J. Molly

10 Reasons to Love your Twenties

There are the classic reasons we all know…friends, bar nights, cocktails, happy hours, parties, you’re not tied down, fewer expenses, traveling, meeting new people… But those aren’t the ones I want to focus on.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.59.16 PM

We’ve all heard people say enjoy college because it’s the best four years of your life. Then you reach your early twenties and you escape from the warm and fuzzy boundaries of your university and discover that being an adult is great and terrible all at the same time. In your mid-twenties you land your first job, become a boring working professional, your drunken late nights at the bar turn into dinner and drinks with friends and couples. Your weekend plans change from getting drunk to going to a wedding shower…Here’s why you should enjoy these years:

One: You can pull off a dress like this:

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

(Okay, maybe we can’t all pull off a dress like the model in the picture, but we’re young enough to try.)

Two: Because when something goes wrong, you fuck up, or you’re sad, your best friends are always there for you…with wine.

Three: Because every time you feel like you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, you’ve really just discovered another side of yourself.  It may not be a side you like, but maybe it will teach you to be the kind of person you want to be.

Four:  Because who you’re going to be is up to you: a writer, a comedian, a nerd, a foodie, a best friend, a shower-singer, a loner, an extrovert, a dancer, a beer expert, a wine connoisseur…the choice is yours.

Five: Because you learn how to turn your mistakes and regrets into funny anecdotes.  Your failures expand your wisdom, and you realize that although you thought you knew everything, you really knew squat.

Six:  Because although you find yourself needing more sleep like an elderly person, you enjoy it because you actually spent time decorating your bedroom and choosing your bedsheets.

Seven:  Because every time you surprise yourself with the ability to compartmentalize and improve yourself, you feel mature, confident, and proud.

Eight:  Because you get the opportunity to meet some pretty special people.  Because you learn that when you find someone awesome, whether a friend or a romantic interest, you never let them go.  And when they leave despite your efforts, you learn how to move on.

Nine: Because when you’re single and you cautiously open your Facebook knowing that you’re bound to see another friend engaged, and you feel a hint of sadness when you see the guy you dated is engaged to the girl he dated right after you, you learn to build a thick skin. That thick skin helps you weed out the bad experiences in search of the ones that will give you nothing but happiness.

And last but not least…

Ten: Although dating may suck, you find yourself gradually more able to turn rejection into a reason to keep persevering.  In your twenties you learn that although the light at the end of the tunnel might seem far away, it can be pretty fucking euphoric to know it’s still there.

So why should we love our twenties?

Because each day we get to uncover just a sliver more of the unknown. We learn how to turn sadness into strength, turn tears into laughter…and turn water into whiskey.  So enjoy the ride.


J. Molly

Correcting the Lies We’ve Been Told by the Fashion Industry

Let’s set the record straight!

A recent Refinery 29 article details the 29 ways in which the fashion industry has been dictating bullshit rules as if they’re fact.  Since this is one of my favorite Refinery 29 articles, I thought I’d weigh in on a majority of these rules.

Bullshit rule #1. Expensive clothes are better.

Negative. I have five favorite t-shirts.  I bought each of them for five dollars at a store that has “urban” in the title…no not Urban Outfitters…another one, but I forget.  The t-shirts are five years old, and are still in great shape!  For New Years I wore a $6.00 black dress.  Sure I could’ve chose one that was more expensive, but I happened to love this $6.00 dress.

photo 4

#2. Always dress for your body type.

Negative. Don’t always do this.  I look terrible in one shoulder tops; they’re still in my drawers!

#3. Some items are off limits once you reach a certain age.

Negative. My mom and I have been shopping in the same stores since I was 12 years old.

#4.  Men’s clothes are for men.

Negative. a) I don’t remember the last time I wore a woman’s watch.  Men’s watches are way better, so why shouldn’t a woman wear them! b) women’s ties! Yes, I own two! c) Ever worn a guy’s button-down shirt as a dress?  If no, then you don’t know what you’re missing! d) Have you missed every runway show in the past two years?  The gender line is being seriously distorted…and we love it!

#5. Looking taller is the goal.

Ok…so…I feel like a bit of a hypocrite denying this one.  I’ve built my reputation for the past 14 years on the fact that high heels are the only way to go.  So instead of denying this one, I’m going to admit that I fell into it.  I still firmly believe that every outfit is made better by a pair of heels.  (We’ll just leave number 5 the way it is for now…)

#6. Sneakers belong only on tourists, commuters, and at the gym.

Again, please refer to number 5 for my opinion on this.

#7. Everything should match.

Negative.  Ever done something bad just for the sake of being bad?  Get some adventure in your life! Take a walk on the wild side…whether it’s not combing your hair, wearing stripes with polka dots, or fucking with the curtains open…just take some risks and see what happens.

#8. Always dress to look skinnier.

Why?  Sometime I like wearing clothing that’s too big for me.  I’ve never understood why people care so much if a shirt is a bit baggy…yes, it may not accentuate your slim figure, but it could still be cute/fashionable! Try it!

#11. Certain colors are seasonal.

Fuck it.  I’ll wear white when I want.

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

#12. Being stylish means following the trends.

I couldn’t agree more.  The more I ignore trends, the more stylish I feel.  Being stylish is about wearing what others wouldn’t think to wear! It’s about standing out.  It’s about following your own personality and preferences and creating looks that are uniquely you!

#15. Pale people can’t wear pale/pastel colors.

I use to think this was true.  I use to avoid neutral beige’s/pastel colors like the plague because they’d wash me out!  But then I learned how to rock a soft color without getting lost in the sea of paleness.  It’s just a matter of bringing bold colors into your look.  If you’re wearing a pale dress, pair it with a bold navy scarf, or hot red lipstick, or a black moto jacket, etc.

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

#17. Certain colors should never be worn together.

Never…is a bit harsh.  It’s all about how you pair them together and in what ratios.

#18. Anything baggy is unflattering.

I firmly disagree.  There’s something effortlessly chic about pairing a baggy piece with a tight piece…or going all baggy.

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

#19.  Women should never button the top button of their shirt.

I admit that I’ve never actually heard this piece of advice.  While I’m tempted to agree based on my belief that covering up is not as much fun as not covering up, again I would say that “never” is a bit harsh.  I’m sure there are times when you want to be modest, or perhaps you want to layer it with a vest or turtleneck.

#20.  You have to buy new clothes every season.

Well this has a clear motive: sales!  Of course the fashion industry promotes the idea that each season requires a new wardrobe, but I think we all know that this is not the case!

#21.  Never wear eveningwear during the daytime.

Never is a harsh word.  Sure, there are many times when evening wear would be inappropriate during the day, but there are certain functions that would negate this rule.

#22. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt is basic.

It doesn’t have to be.  Try a pair of ripped skinny jeans with a sequined t-shirt.  There’s nothing basic about that.

#25. Never wear open toe shoes with socks.

The no socks with shoes that show the sock rule was thrown out a good 2-3 years ago.  As long as your socks are cute, you can show ’em off with an open-toe shoe.  While I personally prefer the sockless route, there’s nothing that says you can’t rock the socks!

#26. Denim isn’t office appropriate.

Negative. Anyone who’s said this has obviously never worked in San Francisco.

To read the full Refinery 29 article, click here.

I hope you enjoyed this attempt to overthrow outdated rules.


J. Molly

Get the Looks from the “Suits” TV Show

If you’re a Suits fan, I’m sure you know what it’s like to wait eagerly for Wednesday nights when a new episode airs.  I have officially watched all of the current fifth season’s episodes about ten times each and now I can’t wait for the mid-season premiere this January!

Even if you’ve only watched one episode, I’m sure you can notice a trend in the outfits worn by the female characters.  Jessica and Donna wear fancy tight fighting midi dresses, while Rachel wears high-waisted tight pencil skirts with beautiful thick blouses that are often made of silk.

As an East Coast native, I’ve always aired on the side of being too dressy, rather than being too casual.  Growing up I always thought I’d choose a career based on which job would let me dress up chic and sophisticated.

I could definitely see Donna wearing these two dresses.

Courtesy of Shopbop

Courtesy of Shopbop, Originally: $1,740.00 and Now: $522.00

Diane von Furstenberg at Bergdorf Goodman ($468.00)

Diane von Furstenberg at Bergdorf Goodman ($468.00)

I think that Rachel could pair this top with the pencil skirt below it to make her look casual, yet chic and professional.

Shopbop ($640.00)

Shopbop ($640.00)

This cream and black skirt with a pop of electric blue adds just the right amount of pattern to create intrigue.  Pointed-toe black pumps will take this look to the next level!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.11.58 PM

Rachel Zane could rock the hell out of this dress as well.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Only a total cool badass could pull off a dress with a slit this high.  So of course, this dress would be perfect for Donna!

ABS at Saks Fifth Avenue ($367.58)

ABS at Saks Fifth Avenue ($367.58)

This Fall let’s celebrate the beauty in fitted midi dresses and sexy, professional pencils skirts.  If you want to make your look more casual, opt for a jean pencil skirt.  Either way, if you’re looking for style inspiration, check out the “Suits” TV show for some great workplace style ideas!


J. Molly



Best and Worst Looks from the 2015 VMA Awards

Ahh…award shows.  Who actually cares about the awards? It’s all about the fashion right? Of course!

So where should we start…

We all know that gender lines are being crossed…and yes I’m happy about it.  But Scarlett Johansson’s pink jumpsuit is perhaps a bit too…I don’t know… if it were me, I’d wear the fanciest dress possible to every award show I was invited too! Not my favorite, Scarlett, but good job on the color!

Photo Courtesy of E online

Photo Courtesy of E online

Victoria Justice nailed it! Her sparkly Versace dress is designed for ultimate envy! Beautiful.  Just absolutely perfect. It’s pink, black, silver, sparkly, sexy (not slutty), feminine, unique, geometrically-pleasing… the list goes on and on. What do you think of it?

Photo Courtesy of E Online

Photo Courtesy of E Online

Maia Mitchell…the dress was too plain…too casual…too normal.  This is an award show people, pull out all your bedazzles!  The little black dress idea is great…but find one with a bit of sparkles or a unique design!  Even the shoes were simple.  If you’re going to wear a simple, modest dress, at least make your shoes or accessories over the top!


Photo Courtesy of E Online

Halston Sage looked beautiful in this uniquely crafted plunging multi-colored cutout dress.

Photo Courtesy of Halston Sage

Photo Courtesy of Halston Sage

So what did we learn from this year’s MTV VMA awards? Plunging necklines are always great! Sequins and bright colors are divine, but always choose a dress over a jumpsuit!  And if you’re going to go for a plain and elegantly simple dress, at least make your accessories stand out!


J. Molly



Beginner Baker – Banana Bread

Hi Folks,

Today I experimented by making my first ever banana bread!

Now, I don’t have a mixer, I don’t have the proper banana bread pan, I don’t have vanilla (nor do I ever use it), but I do have an oven, bananas, sugar, flour, and eggs, and trust me, that’s really all ya need to make your apartment smell heavenly!  (Who really cares about eating the dessert as long as it makes your apartment smell nice, right?)

Step One:

Turn on a good movie.  The Bodyguard. Done!

Step Two:

Heat your oven to 350F.

Step Three: 

Combine soft butter (I used margarine) with 2-3 overripe bananas (this was easy because I rarely finish all my bananas before they go bad!)

Step Four:

Mix in 1.5 cups of flour and 1/4 cup brown sugar (the recipe called for 1 cup of white sugar, but I switched it to a little less than 1/4 cup of brown sugar partly because I find that all baked goods always contain way too much sugar…way more than necessary!  And plus, bananas provide enough natural sugar already! I want to indulge without overindulging if you know what I mean…!)

Also add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and just a pinch of salt.

The recipe called for vanilla but I left it out (you can add it for extra flavor if you want!)

Mix it all together.  I used a fork…mainly because that’s all I have to do the trick!

Step Five:

To take the banana bread over the top just a bit I added cinnamon (YUM!) and a few mini chocolate chips…after all, every dessert needs a touch of chocolate, right?

Step Six:

Cook til done! It took mine about 80 mins although most recipes call for just 60 mins.  Let cool.

Step Seven:

Wait there is no step seven.  Just enjoy!


J. Molly



Oh Natural

For me, oh natural is not just makeup free, oh natural is bra free, shoe free, and almost clothes free.  Going oh natural is about covering up yourself as little as possible.

In these photos I’m impeded by nothing more than a barely there tank top, short shorts, and a necklace.  My hair was slightly waved with my triple barrel waver hair iron. IMG_3502 IMG_3515 IMG_3527

To get the look is simple.

Step 1: sleep naked.

Step 2: throw on a tank, shorts (underwear optional), and your favorite simple jewelry

Step 3: leave your face untouched without any pigments, grab your selfie stick, and snap away.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend as much as I am.


J. Molly

How to Create a Chic Look with Minimal Time

We all know that some days, despite setting an alarm…or two…or three… we don’t always wake up early enough to take our time creating our daily look.  Or, perhaps you’re running home from the office to meet a friend or date for drinks and you’ve got 10 minutes to be out the door! So here you are running late, trying to decide whether you should spend the time accessorizing your look or curling your hair?  Or perhaps neither.  Or maybe you’d just rather spend your time doing other stuff besides primping yourself.

There are many shortcuts you can take to make yourself look great in very little time. First of all, forget the makeup, your cheeks will most likely look pink and rosy just from racing around to get somewhere.  You don’t need liner, you don’t need eye shadow, just a dab of mascara will do it!  Pack the lip balm in your purse so you can apply it on the way to your destination!

The hair routine varies according to your type of hair.  Ideally everyone would love the time to spend half an hour curling or straightening their hair to looks its best, but there’s ways to get around this.  A messy bun will take you a long way.  If you’ve got short layers in the front, leave a couple pieces down and quickly wrap your hair into a messy bun with a small clip. Once you’re half way through your day or date or whatever, unclip your hair and enjoy the natural curls that formed from the bun.

IMG_1184 IMG_1186

The less items of clothing you put on, the easier.  That’s why I suggest wearing a casual dress instead of a pair of pants with a shirt.  Don’t waste time worrying about matching, stick to a solid colored dress.

Photo Courtesy of Mango ($39.99)

Photo Courtesy of Mango ($39.99)

In order to make that dress pop, pick one piece of chunky jewelry.  One piece of chunky jewelry will help account for the fact that you didn’t have time to put on a necklace, earrings, rings, watch, etcetera.  A solid colored dress, can always use a pick me up; let your chunky jewelry create the impression that you actually spent time trying to look chic.  For shoes, always have a neutral-colored pair of shoes ready to go.

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App


J. Molly


This Summer’s Ultimate Music Playlist

Here’s a list of a little bit of everything.  From country to pop and old-school rock, there’s a song for every occasion and mood this Summer.

For the Beach:

Butch Walker – Mixtape

Awolnation – Sail

Eric Church – Drink in my Hand

Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt like a Motherfucker

Workout Inspiration:

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

Cold War Kids – First

Michou – Missing Me Now

To Dance your Butt Off:

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

Hall and Oates – You Make My Dreams Come True


Ryan Horne – Terrible Tommy

Ed Sheeran – Make it Rain

Presidents of the USA – Peaches

Bon Jovi – Always

Pool Party:

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA

Paul Brandt – Alberta Bound

Billy Joel – Piano Man

Got any song suggestions for me? I’d love to hear what’s on your playlist this summer!


J. Molly

DIY: Edible Shot Glasses

Okay okay, the Fourth of July weekend is over and you probably never want to see another drop of alcohol…at least not until next weekend of course…

This past weekend I spent my Saturday evening chilling around the fire with great friends, country music, food, and drinks before we headed to our fav grungy small town bar.  I spend my time thinking about my outfit to wear to the party.  I picked out the dress, the shoes, curled my newly cut hair, dashed on the mascara, slipped on the heels…and then drank my wine out of a red plastic solo cup.

It’s time to upgrade.

Refinery 29 shows us three cool ways we can make our shot glasses out of our favorite fruits and vegetables.

First, we’ve got these easy to make cucumber shot glasses.

Photographed by Claire Lower, Featured on Refinery 29

Photographed by Claire Lower, Featured on Refinery 29

Next we have kiwi glasses that would definitely add a fun flavor to the liquor of your choice.


Photographed by Claire Lower, Featured on Refinery 29

These strawberry shot glasses would probably be a bit small (more like mini-shots) unless of course you get lucky and find a strawberry on steroids.

Photographed by Claire Lower, Featured on Refinery 29

Photographed by Claire Lower, Featured on Refinery 29


J. Molly


Style Tips for your 4th of July Outfit

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

If you want to wear a Fourth of July outfit with all three colors, red, white, and blue (without looking cheesy) let your accessories help!  Pick two colors to wear the clothing part of the outfit.  A white midi skirt will make you look summery, while a red top will help make your outfit bold.  Try matching your sunglasses to your top for an extra splash of boldness.  Depending on the weather or where you’ll be going, keep your shoes comfy and cute.

Use your accessories to add the final color into your look.  Here I have chosen a blue Tory Burch bag and blue earrings.

In total you have a look with two items of white (skirt and shoes), two items of red (top and sunglasses), and two items of blue (purse and earrings).

Now that you’ve got the perfect celebratory look…it’s time to celebrate!

Here’s hoping that your Fourth of July is filled with fireworks, friends, food, fun…and drinks!


J. Molly