Must-Have Accessories for Every Summer Wardrobe

BeauxBlues Etsy

I’m always on the prowl for cool summer accessories that will turn a basic/casual look into something more edgy/feminine/funky…it really just depends on the day. Sometimes I take the free for all approach and just combine edgy, feminine, and funky to create one look that can’t be deduced to a single stereotype.

3 Must-Have Summer Accessories

1. Bracelets

I give all the bracelets in my jewelry box a chance to be seen in the Spring and Summer after a winter of covering them up with sweaters and coats. I got this awesome bracelet from BeauxBlues, a jewelry shop on Etsy that has super classy and chic pieces! I love it because it’s lightweight, making it perfect for Summer.

Take a closer look at this bracelet and other cool pieces here.

2. Baseball Caps

When I’m done protecting my eyes from the sun, I move onto protecting my face! Hats are a pail-person’s savior! As someone who hates wearing sunscreen, I always prefer to hide my skin with hats.  My two go-to hats this summer are hot pink leather and brown leather baseball caps.  I like them because they’re casual, yet stylish and the leather just adds that extra chic touch.

3. Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

Mirrored shades are all the rage.  I like the most bold colors like blue, pink, orange, or red.  Just a few years ago, sunglass trends were all about the size and shape.  While that still matters, lens color and type is really what’s important now. I recently convinced my mom to buy a pair of gold mirrored lens sunglasses. At first she thought they were too weird, but she now loves them and they look amazing on her.  That just goes to show that this trend is great for all ages.

best accessories on Etsy

Are these sunglasses too weird?!

red dress and jewelry

That was a trick question.  They can’t be TOO weird.  Weird is great.

Summer Accessories

Okay I’m pretty sure I can’t quite pull off the backwards cap look, but I’ll always keep trying! The bracelet speaks for itself.  It’s the best part of this look!



Why the Grammy’s are just a Political Throwdown Now

Ten years ago I watched the Grammy’s to see my favorite bands perform, dance in my room, and cheer on my favorite musical artists.  This year I find myself watching the show to see who makes the biggest political statement…and yeah okay the live musical performances are nice too.

Political statement number one came from an American singer I had never heard of before, Joy Villa.  She wore a dress with a fetus in a womb on it and a handbag that said pro-life.  Props to you for using fashion to give you publicity but lets all agree, that if you’re pro-trump in Hollywood then you’re setting yourself up for bad publicity.

For those who are still focused on the fashion.  The best way to stun your audience is with a neutral gown.  For those who don’t have the budget of a celebrity, here are a few that are elegant, stunning, and affordable.BCBG gown

Nordstrom gown


Black gown

Rue La La

When you find a beautiful black gown on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue you don’t questions it.

Black off-the-shoulder gown

Saks Fifth Avenue




The Fall Stay-Cation you Need in your Life

It’s the weekend after labor day and it’s becoming harder and harder to feel those Summer vibes.  Bikini season is replaced by fall sweaters and booties.  Vacation season slowly comes to a close, and fun weekends become more about chilling indoors with a good book and a glass of wine.

So how do you make the transition to Fall as fun as possible?  You host the ultimate stay-cation! That’s right, it’s a vacation in your home, and it’s personalized to your specific tastes.  What could be better?

It starts with the most luxurious bedding from Crane & Canopy.  You don’t need a hotel bed to have a luxurious sleep, but a soft duvet and sheets, and a few extra pillows will definitely help!

Photos Courtesy of Crane & Canopy


A few extra decorative pillows are perfect for propping you up so you can sit up and have breakfast in bed (don’t forget the mimosas!) or catch up on reading your favorite novels.Ambiance is always important.  Treat yourself to amazing home decor.  Even if you’re not an interior designer, there are so many ways to become inspired and find the perfect decor to suit your taste! It only takes a few minutes on Pinterest to find all the color and style inspiration you could ever want!

We all have a list of activities we love to do when we’re not at work or doing one of the million responsibilities that we have on our plate at any given time.  Stay-cations are for forgetting those everyday responsibilities and taking the time to relax, have a bath, and pamper yourself within the confines of your lavish home decor.

At the end of the day you can curl up by a fire, order in your favorite meal, and stay cozy and warm underneath a soft knit throw.

When Monday arrives and people ask you about your weekend you can say you had the best vacation – a stay-cation! And you didn’t even have to leave your home!






The Top Two Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco

On a quest to try every Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco, I’ve yet to be disappointed by one.  You’d think it would be hard to distinguish a favorite amongst so many that are – let’s just say it – MINDBLOWING, but there were two that brought dining out to a whole new level of succulence.


Just South of Market Street inside a huge historic building lies a Moroccan restaurant called Mourad.  It might be easy to miss their small sign, but when you walk through those glass doors you’ll instantly feel lavish like your country club friends who grew up in Newport Beach.

After being to several high end restaurants in San Francisco that serve tiny portions almost too beautiful to eat in a setting similar to a barn or cabin, I slowly learned that dressing up for a fine dining experience isn’t always necessary.

Unfortunately, I wore a jean jacket to Mourad and discovered that it might be one of the last few restaurants in SF where people actually dress to impress.  Just when I was getting used to eating expensive food on cheap plates, going from the gym to dinner with wet hair and no makeup West Coast style, I discovered a place that brought back all the nostalgia from growing up on the East Coast.  This is definitely a place to wear your high heels that are strictly meant for sitting. Luckily, this place is located downtown away from the steep hills.

Now back to the food – we began by splitting two appetizers: fennel salmon and octopus with brussel sprouts and cauliflower.  This is when the war for the last brussel sprout began.  Sharing is caring but when it comes to the most perfectly fried brussel sprouts, your porcelain plate becomes the new battlefield.  You’d have to taste it to understand it.

Every bite was exceptionally flavorful.  If we had been in a barn setting like the other places, I may have actually licked the plate clean.

For the main meal, I debated hardcore between scallops with yam and quinoa or lamb with lentils.  I ended up getting the scallops, my friend got the lamb.  The scallops were the best I’ve ever had; the texture was perfectly soft and buttery and they were bursting with flavor.  While I didn’t try the lamb, I can only say that if they tasted as good as they looked – so perfectly pink and decorated with edible flowers – they would be a staple to order at this Moroccan restaurant.

Gary Danko

From the moment you walk through the doors to the moment you take that last sensational bite, all your needs will be taken care of like you are the Queen of England and the world’s peace is dependent on you enjoying your meal.

Whether you’ve got personal chefs preparing you lavish mimosa brunches every weekend, or you’re just a young adult celebrating a milestone, everyone comes together at Gary Danko for the most mouthwatering food and the most impeccable service.  Seriously, spill a crumb and set your timer to see how long it takes someone to come wipe it up…probably 30 seconds.  And if you’re not used to being catered to, honestly it made me a little nervous because they were almost too thorough, it may seem a bit unsettling.

The best way to enjoy the lavish experience of Gary Danko is with your family, best friends, or significant other. Conversations start out steady and diverse and soon converge into proclamations from everyone about the perfection of the food.  Suddenly, you realize that you’ve never had a good meal in your life, and you may never again be able to enjoy the canned salmon and bagged salad you had the previous night for dinner.

Before you’re sent off back into reality, they give you a going away present: the most incredibly moist muffin so that when you wake up the next morning and you’re staring into your bowl of cheerios and milk, you can know that a better choice exists and the divine experience you had last night doesn’t have to end just yet.

So do your foodie-self a favor and treat your tastebuds to Mourad and Gary Danko.  Hopefully you’ll walk away with not only a full tummy, but also plenty of pictures and a newfound appreciation for the talented chefs in San Francisco who bring these jaw-dropping dining experiences to fruition.



Get the Modern Version of Julia Robert’s Look from Pretty Woman

Twenty-seven years later and the fashion in Pretty Woman is still relevant.  That movie made an impact on us in more ways than one, including it’s fashion.

We were first captivated by Julia Roberts on screen when we saw her in this sexy white and blue cut-out dress.  What was sexy then, is still a trend now!  Cut-out dresses can be found at any store selling trendy items in 2017.  Shop the white and blue dress from ASOS here.

Don’t forget her incredible stripper boots! These boots definitely made an impression on me, and since then I’ve always been searching for the perfect pair.  To be honest, my perfect pair of thigh high patent boots would be hot pink, but you definitely can’t go wrong with these classic black ones.

During the day, she covers up her “lady of the night” look with a tie-up white blouse which you can shop here.

Her transformation from a Hollywood Blvd lady to a Rodeo Dr classy lady is mesmerizing.  Shop the white dress here.

Of course we all remember the red dress she wore in the evening.  Who knew the off-the-shoulder style would be one of the biggest trends of 2017!  You can shop this red gown here.

And ta-daaa, you’re 2017’s modern Pretty Woman.




Reese Witherspoon’s Clothing Line Just Launched at Nordstrom

The Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon, captured our hearts in a pink patent suit and sparkly heels in Legally Blonde, she was our favorite sassy Southern Belle in Sweet Home Alabama, and she will always dazzle us in her classy and elegant style on the red carpets, but now we can all dress like the classy woman she is in real life!

Reese Witherspoon’s clothing line, Draper James, is now available to buy at Nordstrom and it’s perfect timing because it’s giving us all the feels for summer picnics and garden parties.

Draper James at Nordstrom ($150)

Draper James at Nordstrom ($150)

Draper James at Nordstrom ($165)

Draper James at Nordstrom ($245)

Draper James at Nordstrom ($165)

Draper James at Nordstrom ($125)

Look no further for your brunch attire, Draper James will keep you classy during your bottomless mimosa-drinking debauchery.  The line is full of color, making it sweeter than your first bite of a summer watermelon.

It’s a line of gingham, floral prints, sassy sayings and a very all-american vibe with lots of blue, white, and red.  It’s got that timeless and ageless vibe, making it the perfect line to buy for your mom then borrow when she’s not wearing it.  Whether you’re twenty-five and pretending to be classy, or forty-five and actually classy, indulging in the Draper James line is the perfect way to satisfy your summer cravings.


Will Melania Trump be our Next Fashion Icon?

After hearing about all the designers that refused to dress Melania Trump for the inauguration, most people have agreed that her outfit was stunning and very obviously reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy.  First Lady’s are known to rocket to “fashion icon” status as soon as they enter the White House, just look at Michelle Obama, or Jackie Kennedy. This time should be no different.  The classic designer, Ralph Lauren, stayed true to the brand and created a look that celebrated true iconic American style.

If you were one of the many who chose to forgo watching the inauguration, the only thing you missed were some beautiful ensembles worn by the new First Lady.


During the day Mrs. Trump wore a sky blue cashmere cropped jacket over a sky blue mock turtleneck dress with suede gloves and a suede clutch that were also in sky blue. Unlike many times when she wore her hair down, this time her hair was up in a soft updo.

While she didn’t set any new trends, she channeled one of the most memorable first ladies, Jackie Kennedy, and rocked a hue that represented class, charm, sophistication, and timelessness.

If you focused real hard, you may have even been able to time warp back to the 60’s.  One of my favorite designer collections was Gucci’s Fall 2014 runway show.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the 60’s inspired colors and shapes from this collection.  Do you see the resemblance?gucci-fall14


Mrs. Trumps’s evening gown was just as stunning as her day time ensemble.  The off the shoulder, cream colored gown was sophisticated, smart, and elegant.  While some of her past outfits have been held under controversy for being too sexy (which by the way, they totally were not and people really just need to stop being stupid), this gown was stunningly gorgeous.  One of Mrs. Trump’s goals as First Lady is to conquer bullying.  Let’s start by not picking a fuss over a beautiful lady looking beautiful and sexy, despite what we may or may not think about her husband’s politics.

Photo Courtesy of Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty

Photo Courtesy of Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty

All we should learn from the inauguration is that sky blue is the way to go, the off the shoulder trend is here to stay (at least for the time being) and a dress slit can go a long way! Sometimes the smallest details can be the foundation for the most sophisticated look.



One Trend you’re Guaranteed to See at Every Award Show

If you tuned into the Golden Globes last night you probably saw three distinct things: lots of skin, lots of sparkle, and lots of bling.  Every year stylists break down the trends from the red carpet. If you missed the Golden Globe Awards last night that’s okay because there is just one trend you need to know about and two stars you need to see wearing it.  The trend is: the plunging neck-line and the stars are Mandy Moore and Emma Stone.

When you know you’re going to see the same trend each time, you wonder how people can keep it interesting, but many did just that!  Mandy Moore took the approach of a superhero with her plunging neckline cape gown.  Her chunky earrings were the only bling she needed to make her look feminine and sophisticated.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 08: Actress Mandy Moore attends the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JANUARY 08: Actress Mandy Moore attends the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Who wore the plunging neckline the best?  That would be Emma Stone and the reason? Her dress was sparkly!

Like the stars on her dress, Emma Stone really was a star last night.  Like many others, she wore one statement piece, a chunky necklace.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock (7734775go) Emma Stone 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 08 Jan 2017

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock
Emma Stone
74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 08 Jan 2017

As trends from the Red Carpet continue to trickle down into stores, get ready to throw away your bras.  Who needs them when every dress we’ll be wearing will be plunging.



The Good Wife Comes back in the form of The Good Fight: 5 Reasons to be Super Excited

Courtesy of CBS

Courtesy of CBS

If you’re a loyal fan of “The Good Wife,” you’re in luck because a Spin-off is coming down the pike. The creators of the “The Good Wife,” Robert and Michelle King, have narrowed in on a few characters from “The Good Wife,” and are picking up the storyline a year after where they left off the finale of the Good Wife.  “The Good Fight” is not “The Good Wife” say the creators.  But here’s why we should be excited for it anyway:

  1. Our favorite characters are back! The show is centered around Diane Lockhart, Lucca Quinn, and Marissa (Eli’s daughter).  Marissa’s non-chalant ways, her ability to say things as they are, and her penchant for milk and sweets are just a few of the reasons why we love her.  Most of all, one of the BEST characters ever to exist on a TV show is coming back, which leads us to reason number 2:
  2. Actress Carrie Preston, known on The Good Wife as Elsbeth Tascioni, is doing an arc on “The Good Fight.”  The only person who can make us feel less socially awkward, is Elsbeth Tascioni.
  3. The creators of “The Good Wife” have proven to us that they can create one of the best law shows that has ever existed.  So why couldn’t they do it again?  Let’s all bet on the show being just as great as it was for “The Good Wife’s” seven-year stint on air.
  4. The show will be about rebuilding and getting up when you’ve fallen down.  After all, it is called, “The Good Fight.”  We’re ready with our dukes up.
  5. The start date was moved up from the Spring to February 19th, which means there’s only a month and a half before it premieres! Time to get excited!


Bachelor Highlights from this Week’s Premiere Episode

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-10-56-09-amFor every season of the bachelor there are always THOSE people who say, “I don’t know why I’m watching this,” as they’re sitting there in their pajamas on the couch drinking red wine and eating pizza.  Then there are THOSE who will say, “That’s it, I can’t take it anymore, I’m not watching this season!” And then of course by mid-season they’re back into it.  The Bachelor is pretty hard to escape if you keep up with pop culture news sites, watch TV, or have friends!

So for any of you trying to resist the Bachelor, here’s just a quick update of what you missed episode 1.

A dolphin trainer dressed up in a shark costume, but thought she was a dolphin.

More than half the women wore red dresses.

Nick looked hotter than ever.

We already have a villain; her name is Corinne.

The token Canadian is Vanessa Grimaldi; she’s from Montreal, Quebec.  Nick definitely has a thing for her.

My prediction of who he’ll choose: Vanessa Grimaldi.



Five More Reasons to Love Emma Stone

…as if we didn’t have enough.

The beautiful, 27 year old Emma Stone has stolen the limelight in all our favorite comedies like Crazy, Stupid, Love, The House Bunny, Easy A, and many more, but it turns out that her off camera personality is just as quirky and cute as her on-camera personas.


In Emma Stone’s Vogue’s 73 Questions Interview, we got to learn some unique things about her.

  1. She cried in front of Tom Hanks when she met him.  Understandable.
  2. French fries and brussel sprouts are her favorite things to eat!  Weird combination, but I’d say I totally agree!
  3. She has the cutest dog ever! Seriously! AND, she likes to dress him up in a rain coat.
  4. Her impersonation of Britney Spears is incredible! …even if it only lasted for two seconds!  
  5. According to some, she looks like a fish inside a chicken, smoking a cigarette.  But she doesn’t seem to mind!

Check out the full interview here.


J. Molly


This New Fall TV Show has all A Walk to Remember Fans Super Excited

This is Us.  A Walk to Remember fans can rejoice for Mandy Moore, and Gilmore Girl fans can rejoice for Milo Ventimiglia coming together for this seemingly heartfelt, tear jerker show that I’m hoping to love when it airs September 20th on NBC.  Being both a Walk to Remember fan and a Gilmore Girls fan, I am doubly excited to see these actors working together in what looks like a truly heartfelt performance.

From the writers and directors of the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, This is US is expected to stir up some deep emotions amongst its viewers.  With story lines like becoming parents, reaching life milestones, and making breakthroughs on goals, this show will beg for inner-reflection and perhaps even hit close to home for so many.  People are calling it the new Parenthood.

But above all, this show doesn’t try to be anything gimmicky or forced; it supposedly relies on the reality of every day people and tells stories that are real to so many.

Tune in to NBC this Tuesday at 10pm.


J. Molly


All the Highlights you Need to Know about the Suits Finale Last Night

*****Warning**** This article contains major Suits spoilers so stop reading now if you have not yet watched the season 6 mid-season finale episode that aired Sept. 14.



Who knew that a hand-hold could be so evocative! With just five minutes before the episode was over, they had put to rest all of the season’s main plot lines, Leonard Bailey was released from prison, and Harvey kept his clients from leaving the firm.  Ok, that’s great and all, good job, but I wanted more, and boy did they deliver!

First, Louis proposed to Tara after making the sweetest speech about wanting to be there forever to take care of her and her unborn baby and yes, they just revealed this pregnancy news in this episode!  Sadly, it’s not Louis’ baby, it’s her ex’s.  Despite some road bumps, the Louis and Tara relationship ought to make people all warm and fuzzy inside.  Louis may be difficult at times, but he has always shown passion, love, and thoughtfulness for Tara!  I mean, the man almost bought a mansion in the Hamptons just for architect Tara to remodel in order to spend time with her! If that’s not love, what the fuck is?  Most men just ask the woman they love out on a date.  Louis is a bit more extreme, as always.

Although many may have thought Louis finding love would never happen, something else happened in this episode that was even more unbelievable!  Jessica, managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt law firm, quits the firm and tells her on again off again boyfriend, that she doesn’t want to be a corporate lawyer anymore! Reports say that the actress who plays Jessica, Gina Torres, asked to be written out because she wants to spend more time in LA and not Toronto, where the television show is filmed.

Although this plot line was a complete shock to me, and probably many others, they did exit her from the show in a rather sophisticated way!  While I don’t believe the character would truly ever quit the firm until she was practically on her death bed because the firm was her life, and also part of the reason why she lost her boyfriend in the first place, her sudden self-introspection and flashbacks to her teenage years were somewhat relatable.  Jessica is now on her way to Chicago with her rekindled love interest.  *Sigh* So many happy love stories in this episode!

But wait, the real bomb was dropped mere seconds before the episode ended.  Harvey and Donna, his witty and powerful secretary, are standing next to each other staring out the office window into the darkness, when suddenly they grab each other’s hand! Ahh! The fact that a TV show could cause such an emotional reaction in their audience by just a simple hand hold, means that they’ve definitely done something right!  Viewers have been invested in the Harvey and Donna relationship for six seasons now!  Are they finally going to get their happy ending when the season 6 returns this winter or was that just a sign that they were going to remain a strong team while fighting to get the firm healthy and prosperous once again?

Who else is hoping for a Harvey/Donna (Darvey) relationship?!


J. Molly




Let your Socks do all the Talking

It’s probably clear from my previous posts that high heel shoes play a big part in my world. Between the wonders they do for my posture, and the style they add to my ensembles, they’ve been a true valued asset to me.  But today I’m digging deeper and taking a closer look at what’s under the shoes…the socks.

While I have a weird tendency to never wear matching socks…yes there have been some awkward moments when I unexpectedly had to take my shoes off and reveal my un-color-co-ordinated socks, but hey YOLO right?

Today my socks are pretty, fun, and a little wild, just the way I like ’em, and I got them all from Chrissy’s Knee High Socks.khs-logo-striped-750

I let my nerdy side get the best of me when I wear these funky atomic neutron socks.


And then I got a little preppier and nostalgic for my non-cheerleader days with these white and pink striped knee high socks.  For a casual sporty look, you could pair them with jeans shorts.  For a dressier, party look pair them with a flared skirt.


In only two months from now, the July 4th holiday will have everyone pulling out their most patriotic apparel.  These American flag socks would surely grab some attention at your July 4th celebration!


Last but not least, my favorite…the ones that brought out the little kid in me and made me smile like a little girl: the donut socks.  You know what they say, if you can’t eat ’em, wear ’em.  Okay, maybe they don’t actually say that, but it sounds like pretty sage advice.  And so that’s exactly what I did.


It was pretty hard to narrow it down to my four favorites.  Imagine knee high socks covered in moustaches…or shark fins, or polka dots, or paw prints…or…you should really just check it out for yourself: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks.  


J. Molly

The Hairdryer you’ve got to See to Believe!

Ask any woman with long locks to explain their hair drying issues.  Many days I’ll spend twenty minutes drying my hair, only to discover that it’s still not completely dry.

Next time your grumbling, willing your arm not to hurt and your hair to be dry, check out the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.  It should restore your faith.

Dyson, known for their vacuums, have come out with a quieter Supersonic hair dryer that is suppose to not only work faster, but also dry your hair without risk of damaging it. Starting at $399.99, will people be willing to splurge?

Courtesy of Refinery 29

Courtesy of Refinery 29

Check it out for yourself! Refinery 29 has the details!


J. Molly



Introducing GILMAR BOX: Online Designer Goods You’ll Love

Finding out about an amazing online fashion retailer that sells designer goods at great prices is like finding 10 pairs of shoes hiding in your closet.  This week I learned about GILMAR BOX, an online outlet that sells past designers’ collections for men and women.

Recently, I’ve gravitated towards wanting quality designer staple pieces, instead of buying a ton of fast fashion each season.  I’m not the only Millenial to jump onto this bandwagon, but I find myself looking at the designer pieces, falling in love, and then quickly falling out of love when I see the price tag! That’s why I was so excited to hear about GILMAR BOX, an online retailer that understands we want style, quality, and designer goods, without doing too much damage to our wallets!

Frankie Morello at GILMAR BOX

Frankie Morello at GILMAR BOX


Of course, my shopaholic tendencies got the better of me, and I spent forever looking through every category of items finding tons that I loved.  These floral denim pants with pink made my day.  Never underestimate a piece of clothing that makes a statement with an unexpected pop of color!




Frankie Morello at GILMAR BOX

Frankie Morello at GILMAR BOX


I think that unexpected pop of color is what turned me on to this colorblocked dress as well.  There’s something so fresh and elegant about a dress with a touch of color and a flared skirt.   It’s modest, classy, flirty, and fun! What more could you want?






In any wardrobe, it’s always important to have wild and crazy statement pieces, mixed in with your timeless classics.  This short-sleeved dress turns a simple silhouette into a statement with cool shapes and a touch of color.

Frankie Morello at GILMAR BOX

Frankie Morello at GILMAR BOX


Iceberg at GILMAR BOX

Iceberg at GILMAR BOX




When I’m looking for a way to make a casual look with jeans a bit more intriguing, I look to the sweater.  This multi-colored sweater is a much better alternative to your go-to typical crew neck all-grey sweater.




Iceberg at GILMAR BOX

Iceberg at GILMAR BOX

Then I came across this black coat, and was so enthralled by its detachable bottom. What a clever and convenient idea! I spend most of my days switching back and forth between short and long coats depending on the occasion, after all, both silhouettes are always in style.

When I finished my search through GILMAR BOX’s amazingly timeless and innovative products, I noticed a trend: I was a little obsessed with all of the pieces from the designers, Frankie Morello and Iceberg!

Check them out for yourself at:


J. Molly

All photos courtesy of GILMAR BOX.

5 Product Ideas that will Make you Laugh

Need a good heart-warming chuckle to brighten up your long weekend Monday? Here are some product inventions that are maybe a touch clever (in a very weird way), wildly crazy, and most definitely unconventional.

  1. Umbrella Shoes: As a total advocate for protecting our shoes in every way we can, this invention maybe took it a little bit too far.  I admire the attempt, but this is just a little too weird.
Photo Courtesy of Next Shark

Photo Courtesy of Next Shark

2. Smittens: When you’re so smitten with your significant other and you live on the East Coast, you don’t have to decide between holding hands and keeping warm.

Courtesy of Trend Hunter and Oddity Mall

Courtesy of Trend Hunter


Courtesy of Oddity Mall

3. Ramen Hair Protector: I dare anyone to wear this on a date.  If it’s a Tinder date, you’re even more golden.


Photo Courtesy of Steph’s Stuff/Ramen Hair Protector

4. Ostrich Pillow: If only I had known about this when I was in college.  For all you students who have fallen asleep in the library, sitting at a desk, perhaps this product could help you…provided you don’t mind looking a tad silly.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


5. Baby mop: Is this considered baby labor? Let me just try to understand the thought process that probably went into this.  “Babies crawl on the floor anyways, why not make that crawling useful?” or “It’s never too early to teach your kids to do chores?”

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Happy Long Weekend!


J. Molly





Best Dressed in Sequins at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globes weren’t the only shiny objects at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards.  There were a ton of sequined dresses that lit up the Red Carpet!  Who had the best dress?  I’ve narrowed it down to these three stunning gowns!

My personal favorite was worn by Olivia Wilde.  The color, the silhouette, the plunging V-neckline, and the shimmery sequins made this dress an absolute winner!

Courtesy of Vogue

Courtesy of Getty Images, Featured on Vogue

And then there was Brie Larson, looking royal in a gold sequined dress with lots of cut-outs.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Courtesy of Getty Images, Featured on Vogue

Finally, there was Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who stood out in an A-line silhouette.  The navy color was right on trend with the bold color palette this winter season.  Again, we see another plunging V-neckline! This is a trend we’ve seen on the red carpet a lot in the past few years, and it’s one of my favorites!

Courtesy of Getty Images, Featured on Vogue

Courtesy of Getty Images, Featured on Vogue

If you didn’t get a chance to wear your sequined dresses over the holidays, it is not too late!  The hottest celebrities are keeping this trend alive by wearing gorgeous sequined gowns on the red carpet.


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4 TV Shows that Never Got as much Fame as they Deserved

Lack of marketing, lack of awareness, who knows why these four shows did not pick up in popularity.  If I have one more person ask me if I watch How I Met your Mother, I’m going to go insane.  It seems that the entire world watched that show, except for me.  And surprisingly, when I’ve asked people if they’ve watched any of the following four shows, the answer was almost always no.  Sometimes, they hadn’t even heard of the show.  Well, it’s time to change that.

Sons of Anarchy

A show that follows a motorcycle club in Northern California.  It will make you laugh, make you feel disgust, scare you, and reach the depth of your soul. It’ll have you fall in love with felons in two seconds or less.  Although this show is no longer airing, rumors have it that their may be a prequel in our future! Yay!

Photo Courtesy of Sofakingnews

Photo Courtesy of Sofakingnews


The title says it all.  The show follows a poor family living on the south side in Chicago as they perform shameless acts to keep food on the table and pay their bills.  There’s sex, stealing, drugs, alcohol, and scandal.  It’ll make you laugh, make you feel thankful you have the family that you do, and make you fall in love with characters that you’d never want to actually meet in real life.  It’s funny, witty, and preposterous in a tantalizingly attractive way. Some of the most clever writing you’ll ever see, check it out!  Thankfully, this show is still running! Can’t wait to see the next season airing January 10th, 2016!

Photo Courtesy of Fan Pop

Photo Courtesy of Fan Pop

The Chicago Code

It only had one season.  Even the network admitted that they loved the show and were sad to have to cancel it.  If you’re a fan of cop or detective shows, and you’ve got a soft side for shows with a soap opera quality, then this show should be a good fit.

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Wallpaper

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Wallpaper

The Kill Point

A miniseries featuring John Leguizamo and a Wahlberg…no not Mark Wahlberg…the other brother, Donnie Wahlberg, star of Blue Bloods.  This miniseries follows U.S. marines who rob a bank, leading to a hostage situation.  Although this show is now 8 years old, it will give you something entertaining to watch for 8 hours.

Photo Courtesy of gstatic

Photo Courtesy of gstatic

Looks like you have some TV watching to catch up on.  Do you already watch these shows? Are you as obsessed with them as me?  Share in the comments!


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Gilmore Girls Returns

I interrupt my fashion blog to bring you this very important announcement about the ensuing Gilmore Girls mini-movies that are currently in the works.

If you told me that the sky is raining Chanel bags, chocolate cake is now 0-calories, and Chris Evans is waiting for me in my bed, I think the news of the four 90-minute episodes of Gilmore Girls coming up would still make me slightly happier.

Putting fantasies aside, lets focus on reality.

Gilmore Girls is set to release four 90-minute episodes each of which will cover a season of episodes and one calendar year.

Who’s signed on for it?

Negotiations with the main characters are happening now, but reports say all the main characters are on board, except of course the late Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore), who will be thoroughly missed!

The way I see it, Gilmore Girls has two main story lines they need to clean up after their abrupt season 7 series finale.

First: Luke and Lorelai have to get married.  Obviously.

Second: Rory Gilmore has to pick any one of the three amazing guys she dated throughout the series.  Although I loved her with Logan and wanted her to say yes to the proposal, I would be over the moon if Jess came back!  Have her marry either Logan or Jess, and I’m sure there will not be much uproar from fans. Am I right?

Now let’s just sit back and let the talented creators and actors work their magic!


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Alternative Fashion: Eco-Friendly Meets Effortlessly Chic Style

There are three things a woman should look for when buying a new piece of clothing:

  1. a design or silhouette that adds a unique twist – it could be a cutout in a cool place, an asymmetrical hemline, a modern zipper detailing, etc.
  2. a soft fabric that feels luxuriously comfortable against your body
  3. a style that doesn’t just make a statement, but does so in a way that makes your look appear effortlessly chic

If you agree with me about any of the above factors, you’ll love the womenswear label, Alternative Fashion, designed for the confident woman who wants to look and feel her best! Designer and owner of Alternative Fashion, Alyssa Couture, uses eco-friendly fabrics to create sophisticated and fresh, yet timeless designs!

After falling in love with their Fall/Winter 2015 dance-inspired collection, here are three must-have pieces that practically jumped out at me!


This short, cream colored dress has the most gorgeous drape and elegant sleeves!  You could dress it up with a chunky necklace and heels to wear on a weekend night-out with friends, or keep it casual and cute by pairing it with your favorite rustic cowboy boots!  Either way, this dress is très chic!


Tired of a plain ol’ button-down shirt? Add a touch of sexiness to your look with this short-sleeve button-down shirt featuring the hottest shoulder cutouts.


The best kind of dresses are the ones that are the most versatile.  This beautiful blue-ish purple dress is sophisticated and professional enough to wear to work, or stylish enough to wear to a dinner out with friends! I can also see this dress as the perfect item to throw on after a tough workout at the gym.

Ready to be chic, comfortable, and cute? Check out Alternative Fashion online!


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Photo Credit:

Photographer: Matthew Lomanno, Model: Charlotte Hulseman, Mua: Kaleigh Bisson, Hair Stylist: Jeannine Cardinal/Tara Whitten 

Shoes and Booze – Let your Fabi Shoes Determine your Drink

Drinking shoes: how to choose

Drinkig Shoes: how to choose; an infographic brought to you by Fabi

Okay it’s time we consider two of my favorite past times: shopping for shoes and enjoying cocktails with friends!  While I’m definitely rocking a pair of stilettos or wedges at night, some of my casual day hangouts call for a pair of ballerina flats or comfortable, stylish sneakers. Of course, no matter where I go my shoes must be in style!  Seeing as how my closets are overflowing with shoes (and growing each season!), I’m often left with a myriad of options, making my shoe decision a bit tricky at times.

If only deciding which drink to have could be made easier! Oh wait it has been…by Fabi shoes a luxurious Italian brand.  Seeing as how the fall season is upon us, I’m more than ready to go to the bar wearing skinny jeans and this season’s hottest high heel booties!  Looks like the Cosmo will be my drink!

Fall shoe shopping is one of my favorite kinds of shopping because this is when retailers are selling their hottest suede pumps, booties, and sexy knee-high boots.  We all search for the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability when we buy shoes each season, right? This season I discovered Fabi shoes!

One of my favorites is their black suede over-the-knee stiletto boot that could steal the attention in any room!  When I’m wearing thigh high boots, I want them to be elegant and chic with very tasteful minimal detailing.  A zipper on the sides or in the back, or a small metal embellishment at the heel or toe is the perfect amount of detailing for a boot that is already show-stopping due to it’s mere size and height!

On a more practical note, when I’m wearing skinny jeans or a casual daytime dress, there’s nothing better than pairing them with a hot pair of booties!  Fabi shoes features booties with a thin heel or chunky heel…I love both styles! It all depends on what particular look I’m going for that day!

This season I’ve definitely been inspired by feminine high heel boots with simple detailing or a cool rustic fabric color.  Fabi shoes is right on trend with their elegantly designed, simple and tasteful boots, pumps, and flats!  So next time when you’re deciding on which drink to order, just remember that your style of drink can be just as important as the style of your shoes.  Let your fabulous Fabi shoes guide you towards your tasty drink!


J. Molly

Get the Looks from the “Suits” TV Show

If you’re a Suits fan, I’m sure you know what it’s like to wait eagerly for Wednesday nights when a new episode airs.  I have officially watched all of the current fifth season’s episodes about ten times each and now I can’t wait for the mid-season premiere this January!

Even if you’ve only watched one episode, I’m sure you can notice a trend in the outfits worn by the female characters.  Jessica and Donna wear fancy tight fighting midi dresses, while Rachel wears high-waisted tight pencil skirts with beautiful thick blouses that are often made of silk.

As an East Coast native, I’ve always aired on the side of being too dressy, rather than being too casual.  Growing up I always thought I’d choose a career based on which job would let me dress up chic and sophisticated.

I could definitely see Donna wearing these two dresses.

Courtesy of Shopbop

Courtesy of Shopbop, Originally: $1,740.00 and Now: $522.00

Diane von Furstenberg at Bergdorf Goodman ($468.00)

Diane von Furstenberg at Bergdorf Goodman ($468.00)

I think that Rachel could pair this top with the pencil skirt below it to make her look casual, yet chic and professional.

Shopbop ($640.00)

Shopbop ($640.00)

This cream and black skirt with a pop of electric blue adds just the right amount of pattern to create intrigue.  Pointed-toe black pumps will take this look to the next level!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.11.58 PM

Rachel Zane could rock the hell out of this dress as well.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Only a total cool badass could pull off a dress with a slit this high.  So of course, this dress would be perfect for Donna!

ABS at Saks Fifth Avenue ($367.58)

ABS at Saks Fifth Avenue ($367.58)

This Fall let’s celebrate the beauty in fitted midi dresses and sexy, professional pencils skirts.  If you want to make your look more casual, opt for a jean pencil skirt.  Either way, if you’re looking for style inspiration, check out the “Suits” TV show for some great workplace style ideas!


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Why you Should Love this Generation

What’s better than clubbing? Quiet clubbing.  It’s clubbing made more personalized.

I know what you’re thinking.  Isn’t “clubbing” synonymous with music.  How can you have quiet clubbing?  Well, quiet clubbing does involve music.  But it’s music you can control.  Everyone is issued headphones when you enter the club.  With a click of a button you can turn your music off and the whole club will look like it’s filled with a bunch of people jamming out to silence.

There are three stations offering different music, and each person controls which station they listen to.  Just like you can swipe a person away on Tinder, you can swipe your controls to a different station when you don’t like the song your current station is playing.

It’s like imagine dating three people at one time and being able to go back and forth between them whenever you get sick of one. Just flick.  You’ve moved on to bigger and better.  And flick.  Hey, you’re back.

So here we are standing with our friends, jamming out to completely different songs.  Depending on what station you’re listening to, your headphones have a little color beam on top of each ear.  There’s green, red, or blue.  So if you really want to know if you’re dancing to the same song as your friends, you can see if your colors are the same.  But there are some songs out there that have the power to turn the whole club one color.  Last night that song was a Backstreet Boys song. Instantly the whole club was singing the song.  The DJ spinning the music even stopped that song for a second so that the whole club could hear everyone was singing the same song.

Is this not the ultimate way to be anti-social and social at the same time?  Gone are the days where you have to suffer through a song you hate at the club.  Gone are the days when you have to be dancing to the same song when you’re dancing with your friends.  Gone are the days when you have to go outside the club in order to give your eardrums a much needed break.  Gone are the days when you can’t talk inside the club.

With silent clubbing you can go from Rihanna to Journey to Kanye with the flick of a button.  You can go from dancing your butt off to loud music through your headphones, take them off and continue chatting with your friend without relocating.  The best part is when you’re jamming out to your favorite song, you look to your friend and she gives you that knowing eye like oh my gosh, isn’t this song great? And then you see each other’s color and realize you’re hip-hopping to a different song.  But who cares, it’s all the same ass shake.

If I still have to explain why this generation is better…you clearly just have to experience it.


J. Molly

This article was inspired by my amazing Quiet Events experience at Monroe in SF.

At Monroe in SF

At Monroe in SF



Oscars 2015: Who Wore it Best

Without fail, Jennifer Lopez knows how to turn head on the red carpet.  Her sleeveless plunging V-neck dress with a Cinderella-like flared skirt, must weigh more than she does.  But nonetheless it made her look stunning as always.

Photo cred: Jason Merritt/Getty Images featured in usmagazine. Click to original post.

Photo cred: Jason Merritt/Getty Images featured in usmagazine. Click to original post.

If you’re wanting to see something a bit more sexy and a little less fairy-tale, Dakota, star of Fifty Shades of Grey, makes your fantasy come true in an alluring slinky red dress and matching red lips.  The one-shouldered neckline featuring a beautiful V-neckline was ultra-elegant.

Courtesy of Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Courtesy of Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

One of my favorite looks goes to Jenna Dewan in her gorgeous Zuhair Murad white gown.  Again we see that plunging V-neckline, which was also very popular at last year’s Oscar awards.  She is the picture of pure, sexy beauty tonight!  The way the dress drapes over her body in such a soft and subtle way is truly beautiful.  The simple crystal details and belt are nothing short of magnificent.  Like many others on the Red Carpet, Jenna sports red lips, which add the perfect amount of color to her look.

Photo cred: Jason Merritt, Click to Original Post.

Photo cred: Jason Merritt/Getty Images featured in usmagazine. Click to Original Post.

Stay tuned for more fashion reviews and trends.  This is your one-stop-shop for all the latest fashion news.  To catch all the latest updates follow me on twitter @mollysrunway and Instagram.


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Target Shutting Down all of their Canadian Stores

After two years of trying to make their Canadian operations work, Target has decided to pull out of Canada.  There’s no need to ask why.  After losing 2.1 billion dollars in the Canadian market, pulling out of Canada seems to be the right choice.  A better question is, why did Target not thrive in Canada?  It’s not like Canada has a lot of successful department stores already.  We have no Macy’s.  Sears has been going out of business in a lot of cities.  So why would a low cost department store not be able to turn a profit?  Perhaps Canadians are content with Wal-Mart?

Image Courtesy of Kayla Rocca, Click to Original Post

Image Courtesy of Kayla Rocca, Click to Original Post

CTV news reports that Canadian Target has 17,600 employees that will be affected by this decision.  Currently, Target has 133 locations in Canada, all of which will be closing.

Target’s immersion into the Canadian market was quick seeing as how after two years they already established 133 locations, but somehow their transfer into the Canadian market did not go as planned.

Angela Mulholland for CTV news reports that Canadians were eager and excited when they first learned that Target was going to spread into the Canadian culture two years ago.  Obviously that excitement was not sufficient to ensure a healthy growth.  Mulholland reports that Canadian Target experienced inventory shortages that led to unhappy customers staring at empty store shelves.  Customers claimed that the stores’ products were also more expensive than the products in the American stores.

It seems like the negative turnout was brought on by several factors.  Why do you think Target wasn’t successful in Canada? Share in the comments below!

To find out the latest fashion news and fashion tips, follow me on Twitter @mollysrunway


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Golden Globes 2015: Who Wore it Best

Beverly Hills just got a bit sexier last night.  From pants to gowns, there were a wide variety of styles displayed at the Golden Globe Awards.

But who was the star among the stars?

She’s one of my favorite actresses.  She’s quirky and a natural ginger. She’s got the best facial expressions and a great personality.  You might remember her as the nerd in the movie, The House Bunny, or the sexy yet self-conscious daughter of Steve Carrell in Crazy Stupid Love, or the pretend tramp in Easy A.  Yes, you guessed it, it’s Emma Stone.

Courtesy of Getty Images, Featured on  Click to Original Website.

Courtesy of Getty Images, Featured on Click to Original Website.

Emma Stone was more feminine than ever in a sexy Lanvin jumpsuit. The black pants paired with her simple black stiletto pumps made her legs look long and lean.  The silky black bow leading straight down to the floor, gave this jumpsuit an added feminine touch.  Emma Stone proves that a women doesn’t need to wear a dress to feel sexy at a fancy event.  The strapless top covered in crystals adds the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to her look.  When you’ve got arms like Emma Stone, why not show them off!

Her simple hairstyle and her classic make-up highlighted her beauty without taking away from it.  Absolutely stunning, that’s all I can say.


J. Molly


The Wolf of Wall Street Review – “The Ultimate Hedonistic Life”

Don’t read this if you haven’t watched Wolf of Wall Street…unless you want to spoil the movie for yourself or have no plan to ever see it…in which case I declare you crazy.

First off, I’d like to say that this movie was one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time.  The acting was phenomenal…Leonardo DiCaprio was truly sensational as he impersonated Jordan Belfort living the ultimate hedonistic lifestyle.  I not only believed every word DiCaprio said, but I also felt every word reverberate through his entire body.  There wasn’t even an inch of him that stepped out of character.  His talent is undeniable.

The movie took me through a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings towards Jordan Belfort.  Somehow, and I’m really not sure how, but despite the despicability of Belfort’s actions throughout the movie, I still had a weird admiration for him…and I really can’t explain why.  This admiration did however suddenly diminish when DiCaprio hit his wife in the stomach.  Belfort claimed that this didn’t actually happen in real life…but I’m not completely sold.  Hitting his wife didn’t seem too far out of his capabilities.  And when I watched an interview with the real live Jordan Belfort acting as Jordan Belfort…I also somewhat lost respect for him…but when DiCaprio was acting as Jordan Belfort…fuck…he captured my attention from the second he stepped on screen.

I’d have to say that in general this movie changed my perspective of Wall Street.  Now I’m not saying that I think all of Wall Street releases 50 hookers into their offices on a regular Friday afternoon…but I would believe that hookers are served up on the side of their entrées every now and then.  After a stressful week as a stock broker I can see how they could be drawn to alcohol, drugs, and strippers to release the tension… But seeing it on-screen just seemed so surreal.

Speaking of strippers…was anyone else mesmerized by Margot Robbie’s performance as DiCaprio’s second wife?  Its women like that who lower the self-esteem of women around the globe.  And that accent…jeeze!  Then I found out that she is only 23 years old…and that’s when my heart got caught in my throat and made me choke.  I can’t even imagine what she must have looked like at age 15!

Now, did anyone else find it weird that they chose Dustin Hoffman’s son to play Steve Madden even though he looks nothing like the real life Steve Madden?  Nonetheless, I still think he did a good job with the role…a little too nerdy…but still good.

Was anyone else overwhelmed by the amount of young men in suits in this movie?  In high school my favorite day was Thursday because that’s when the football team wore suits to school…or at least a button down shirt with a tie.  Anyways…just think about all those starving actor extras who played one of the hundreds of business guys in all the office scenes.  But heck, they got to be in the same room as DiCaprio…I’d fucking starve for that too.

I wonder how much money Matthew McConaughey got to act like an ape and talk about his masturbating habits.  I was kinda sad that he didn’t have a larger role…but nonetheless he still made his small, ape-like role amusing.

My rating for this movie is 9.5/10.  I would give it a 10 but limits should always be endless.  A 9.5 is as high as anything with the human touch can go because we have to remember to always leave room for the next genius.  You know you’ve seen a great movie when the first thing you think when you leave the theater is, I can’t wait to see it again!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should!

Until next time,

Drink, dance, laugh, and love…sans hookers and ludes.


J. Molly