Monday Manicures: Four Nail Polish Colors You Need for Spring

Spring nail polish trends

Butter and ESSIE Nail Polish


Butter Nail PolishEssie Nail PolishButter Nail Polish

I’m always on the hunt for the hottest new nail polish color for every new season. While the cold winter weather wraps up, it’s time to ditch those rich dark hues and replace them with soft Spring colors.  Although orange is normally thought of as a Fall color, this bright Essie one could be alternated with other similar hues to create a nail polish ombre look that would be perfect combined with your favorite beach bag in hand and your sunshine-ready shades.

Nothing says you’re ready for warm weather better than some freshly painted white nails. If you’re looking to add some more color to your neutral wardrobe, soft pink and teal blue are hot colors for this Spring.



All the Nail Polish Shades you Need this Winter


Neutral nail colors are totally in, but with a minor twist!  December time means holiday parties, a.k.a sequined holiday dresses; Christmas light decorations; and therefore, sparkly nails to match the sparkle all around town.  Whether or not your living in a climate with icicles on your roof and snowflakes on the ground, the holidays are a time when everything should glisten, including your nails.

It only takes three layers of polish to make this happen: your base solid color, the sparkly color on top, and a clear top coat over that to make it all really shine!  It’s always great to have a collection of nail polish to suit a variety of occasions.  For the classy events you need those deep neutral colors, and for everything else all you need this season are your various shades of pink!  Light pink when you’re feeling sexy and elegant, and hot pink when you’re feeling sassy!

deborah lippmann: Love Hangover at Revolve

deborah lippmann: Love Hangover at Revolve

deborah lippmann: I Love the Nightlife

deborah lippmann: I Love the Nightlife at Revolve

deborah lippmann "Pretty in Pink" limited edition at Nordstrom

deborah lippmann “Pretty in Pink” limited edition at Nordstrom




The only thing that should sparkle more than your nails is your shoes!



MAC’s Newest Makeup Innovation is Set to Revolutionize the Way we Wear Eye Shadow


The clothing and accessory world isn’t the only industry seeing a rapid infusion of technological advancement!  MAC cosmetics will be introducing a line of magnetized eye shadows for a limited time between October 20 – December 1.

So how do they work?!  The eye shadows have been magnetized and charged to combat the dreaded eyeshadow fall out.  Gone are the nights you arrive home, look in the mirror and see half your eye shadow under your eyes or on your cheeks!  MAC’s new invention is designed to give you the great shimmery look of a powder, but the convenience and practicality of an eye shadow cream.  However, unlike creams that form those unattractive creases, this magnetized powder is designed to resist that annoying beauty faux-pas!

A normal tub of eye shadow can get very messy when it’s thrown around, but this new MAC eye shadow stays in place and goes back to its original shape even after running your finger or brush through it.  Therefore, those awesome lines you see, are there to stay!


J. Molly