Your Guide to Buying Crop Tops this Summer

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It took me a while to come around to crop tops.  I still think that there are limited times when a crop top is appropriate.  Nonetheless, this season we’re seeing almost every kind of crop top style you could imagine.

From knit to woven, off the shoulder to high neck, t-shirt to halter, colorful to monochromatic, here are some of the hottest crop top styles this season!

All available at FarFetch.

All available at FarFetch


J. Molly


Summer Must-Haves

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

Summer’s the time to bring out your white jeans or white skirts, your bright pastel-colored accessories, and your chunky jewelry.  Trade your sweaters in for some new off-the-shoulder crop tops in vibrant blues or feminine pinks.  The above image features three fun elements of pink: a pink Aldo purse, a silver and pink chunky necklace from Swarovski, and some light pink nail polish to tie it all together.

We’ve got a big chunky watch to add some extra flavor, a pair of dainty multi-colored butterfly stiletto heels to make your legs look miles long, and a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters to give you that extra cool factor!


J. Molly