5 Things a Night of Dancing will always Turn Into

  1. Drinking becomes a sport.  Who can hold their drink in their hand when dancing while spilling the least.


2. Those yummy cocktails you were drinking earlier in the evening, are slowly replaced by any alcohol you can get quickly poured into a plastic cup.

3. Whatever happened that day, will soon be forgotten when you’re wedged in between 100 other drunk individuals flailing on the dancing floor.

4. By the end of the night, the shoes that you once admired so much only hours ago, soon become your mortal enemy.


5. Regardless of what you were wearing that night, you end up waking up naked the next morning.


J. Molly

Get Ready to Kick up your Heels Saturday Night

Created with the StyleChat App

Created with the StyleChat App

There’s nothing better than dressing up and dancing your butt off for a night. Heading to a club this Saturday night?  Here’s what you’ll want to make your night of dancing a million times better!

First, the lbd…for any of you not in-the-know, lbd is “little black dress.”  Like the Nasty Gal dress featured above, go with a dress that features any or all of the following and you’ll be golden: lace, corset body, spaghetti straps, and/or a body-con silhouette.

For shoes, think stiletto high-heel open-toe black booties.

Arm yourself with a gold bracelet cuff, a feminine pink clutch, and boom your a vision in black and gold!

Last but not least, swipe that soft pink blush across your already rosy cheeks, use your black eye-shadow as a liner, and highlight your brow.

See y’all on the dance floor…or the stage!


J. Molly