Get The Look: Grunge


Ready to rock your Halloween costume this weekend?  Get in the mood with this casual grunge look.

The skinny jeans will show off your sexy legs.  The oversized plaid shirt with the top buttons undone will keep you casual, the moto jacket will keep you edgy, the boots will keep you totally chic, the bracelet will give you the perfect touch of glam, and the ray-bans will keep you…awesome.

Pretty’s over-rated.  Go grunge.

Booties: Farfetch, Top: Zara, Jacket: Nasty Gal, Sunglasses: Ray Bans, Bracelet: Alexis Bittar

3 Fashion Trends that Women Love but Men Hate

Ever love something that other people think you’re crazy for?  It’s times like these when it’s good to be the kind of person that dresses to impress oneself and not others.

1. Jean Overalls

I remember back to high-school when I had a pair of baggy blue jean overalls from Miss Sixty.  I was in love with them, but I was the only one!  I’ve yet to find a guy who endorses women wearing overalls, but nonetheless they’re prevalent in all the hottest fashion retailers for women.

Courtesy of American Eagle ($69.99), Click to original site.

Courtesy of American Eagle ($69.99), Click to original site.

2. Wide-leg pants

They’re making a comeback this season.  I love them because they’re comfortable and they have that perfect balance between being a pant and being swanky and comfortable like a dress.  These pants have varying degrees of wideness depending on the pair, so you can choose to stay relatively tame or go completely nuts in a pair like the ones featured below.

Nasty Gal ($180.60)

Nasty Gal ($180.60)

3. clogs

The chunky-ness adds a level of grunge chic and comfort that other high heels do not.

Courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell on Nasty Gal ($75.00)

Courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell on Nasty Gal ($75.00)

All of the above pictures have one thing in common.  They were all on sale. Hmm..maybe women don’t love these trends after all.  Or do too many women care about what men think?

I have to admit that my current closet does not contain a pair of jean overalls, wide leg pants, or clogs, but I’ve been tempted by overalls and wide-leg pants many times.  What do you think of these trends?


J. Molly

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