Over the Moon about this Oversized Bag and Oversized Coat

To get the perfect look this week in the cold weather, combine your fitted garments with baggy, oversized ones.

Created on the StyleChat App

Created on the StyleChat App

Start with a fitted black turtleneck.  It’s chic, it’s casual, and it’ll hug your body like the chocolate on a chocolate covered pretzel. To keep the cold at bay, throw on a long, oversized coat.  There’s something ruggedly hot about an oversized coat.  If your short, don’t worry.  It may drown you, but it’s all part of the oversized look!

I got a little carried away with the shoes in this look, but if you’re feeling risque, go for a pair of heels with a intricate platform.

To continue with the oversized trend, add a large handbag to your look.  When in doubt, make it pink to stand out.

Last but not least, to finish off the look, add a pair of hanging earrings and a warm infinity scarf.


J. Molly


Turtleneck: Neiman Marcus

Coat: Zara ($279.00)

Scarf: Donni Charm ($85.00)

Bag: Nordstrom

Earrings: Nordstrom